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digital photography vocabulary 12 l.
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Advanced Photography Vocabulary #12 PowerPoint Presentation
Advanced Photography Vocabulary #12

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Advanced Photography Vocabulary #12

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  1. Digital PhotographyVocabulary #12 11/5/8

  2. Portrait photographer • a person who takes photographs, esp. one who practices photography professionally and specializes in portraits • a likeness of a person, esp. of the face, as a painting, drawing, or photograph:

  3. captures • To succeed in preserving in lasting form: capture a likeness in a photo.

  4. spontaneous • coming or resulting from a natural impulse or tendency; without effort or premeditation; natural and unconstrained; unplanned: a spontaneous burst of applause.

  5. Shutter release cable • The cable or remote that allows light to pass for a determined period of time, to create a picture.

  6. Fill light • may be used to reduce the contrast of a scene and provide some illumination for the areas of the image that are in shadow

  7. 11/6 & 11/7 • World famous portrait photographer • Portraiture • Photography tips