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is photography art l.
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"Is Photography Craftsmanship?" PowerPoint Presentation
"Is Photography Craftsmanship?"

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"Is Photography Craftsmanship?"

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  1. “Is Photography Art?”

  2. “Is Photography Art?” We must 1st gain a clear definition for 3 important questions! ► What is art? ► What makes an artist? ► What is photography?

  3. Someone who creates Someone who… “Is Photography Art?” Someone who presents a mastery over a technique Someone who uses vision and skill to create something beyond the ordinary What is an artist? Someone who sees the world differently

  4. That which forces an aesthetic response Something that has been created using creative thinking “Is Photography Art?” Something created by an artist What is art? Art is all around us! Something beautiful? Hmmm…..

  5. A process that records pictures Hmmm….. “Is Photography Art?” Something beautiful? What is photography? Does not have to be done by an ‘artist’ The result of reflected light through a lens onto film Hmmm…..

  6. “Is Photography Art?” There is a continuous debate about whether photography can be classified as art… ???WHY???

  7. “Is Photography Art?” “The main objection seems to be that it is primarily a mechanical process that handles most of the work—that the photographer has nothing further to do with it, other than some manipulation in the printing of the picture…” http://thescreamonline.com/essays/essays06-01/rsb_photo_essay.html

  8. “Just as a painting is not art solely because it is a painting, neither is photography an art because it is a photograph. The 'medium' does not make anything art by definition.” http://www.outbackphoto.com/tforum/viewtopic.php?TopicID=1401


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