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newham casino premises licence l.
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Newham Clubhouse Premises Permit PowerPoint Presentation
Newham Clubhouse Premises Permit

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Newham Clubhouse Premises Permit

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  1. Newham Casino Premises Licence Presentation to Potential Applicants December 10th, 2008

  2. Welcome Bernadette Marjoram, Head of Regeneration & Physical Development London Borough of Newham

  3. Today’s Agenda • 2.00pm – Welcome – Bernadette Marjoram • 2.05pm - Introduction – Joe Duckworth • 2.15pm - Technical Presentation – Stuart Baillie • 3.00pm - Tea and coffee • 3.15pm - Question & Answer • 4.15pm - Close

  4. Introduction Joe Duckworth, Chief Executive London Borough of Newham

  5. Newham’s Expectations Securing the greatest local benefit for Newham, this to include: • A substantial financial contribution towards securing improvements for the people of Newham. • Significant job creation and business generation. • The casino as part of a larger leisure and entertainment offer. • World class architecture and sustainable development.

  6. Support for the Casino Licence • “It is our unanimous view that a casino would be likely to bring regeneration benefits to Newham without significant risk of detriment.” Advisory Commission on the Newham Casino (Oct 07). • 78% support from Citizens’ Jury for Newham proceeding with the Casino Licence with appropriate conditions (Feb 08). • Endorsed by HM Government (Mar 08).

  7. Why Newham? • Newham’s is the only 2005 Act casino licence available in London. • Catchment of circa 6 million people. • International arrivals from City Airport and Stratford International. • 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. • 50,000 new homes planned by 2020. • Major regeneration opportunities underway. • Significant transport investment.

  8. Add Transport Plan

  9. Technical Presentation Stuart Baillie, Project Manager London Borough of Newham

  10. Technical Presentation Content • The Licence • The requirements • Competition process • Evaluation and assessment • Application/Licence Fees • Timescales • Legal Agreements • Town Planning considerations • Contacts and further information

  11. What is the ‘Large’ Casino Premises Licence? • Newham permitted 1x Large Casino Premises Licence. • Gambling floor space to be min 1,500 sq. m. to max3,500 sq.m. • Table gaming area min 1,000 sq. m. • Up to 150 Category B1 to D gaming machines but no more than 5 x number of gaming tables used in casino. • Maximum jackpot on B1 machines £4,000.

  12. Due Process • Gambling Act (2005) • Newham proposal (March 2006) • Casino Advisory Panel (January 2007) • Advisory Commission for Newham Casino (October 2007) • Citizens’ Jury (February 2008) • Final Government approval (March 2008) • Local authorities networking (ongoing)

  13. Who Can Apply • The applicant should be the proposed Casino Operator. • Premises licence applicant should hold (or have applied for) Operating Licence and have right to occupy. • Otherwise, applicant should apply for provisional statement.

  14. Statutory requirements additional to the Premises Licence • Planning consent - Newham • Operating Licence - Gambling Commission • Personal Licences for casino staff - Gambling Commission

  15. The Process • Stage 1 – Regulatory Test • Stage 2 – Greatest Local Benefit Test

  16. Stage 1 – Regulatory TestMeeting the Licensing Objectives(refer to Part 2 of The Gambling Act 2005 (Premises Licences and Provisional Statements) Regs 2007 • Preventing gambling from being a source of crime or disorder, being associated with crime and disorder or being used to support crime. • Ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way. • Protecting children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling. • A scale plan of the premises is also required.

  17. Stage 2 -The Principles • Provision of a range of high quality leisure and entertainment facilities • Place considerations and locational sensitivities • Physical environment and security • Tackling problem gambling • Preventing access for the young and vulnerable • Contributing financially to additional community services and facilities

  18. Stage 2 - Principles (continued) • Preventing crime and antisocial behaviour • Control of generated traffic and noise • Communication and consultation with local communities • Providing jobs and training opportunities • Quality of building design and the environment • Financial viability • Attracting tourists and other visitors • Monitoring and reporting on the impact of the casino

  19. The Application Pack Will be available from time of advertising the Competition (circa March 2009). To contain: • Timeline for competition • Stage 1 application form • Detailed criteria for Stage 2 • Assessment matrix for Stage 2 • Details of the assessment process • Stage 2 template

  20. Evaluation Process • Stage 1 – Licensing Officer processing. • Decision – Licensing Officers/Committee. • Stage 2 – Assessment Panel – criteria based evaluation. • Decision – Licensing Committee.

  21. Cost to the Applicant Types of Application • Provisional Statement application fee £10,000 • Premises licence application fee £10,000 • Application fee for premises licence where a Provisional Statement has been issued £5,000 • Annual Licence Fee £10,000

  22. Council Resourcing • Licensing Committee receiving appropriate training. • Project Sponsor – Head of Regeneration and Physical Development. • Project Board comprising officers from Regeneration, Licensing, Legal, Finance, Procurement. • Assessment Panel comprising officers and expert advisors.

  23. Indicative Timeframe • Consultation and Adoption of Gambling Policy – by end February 2009 • Issue of Invitation and Application Pack – March 2009 • Stage 1 Submissions by end April 2009 • Stage 2 Commences July 2009 (subject to appeals process) • Complete process by end 2009 (subject to volume of applications and any appeals)

  24. Legal agreements • At Stage 2, the Operator will be expected to demonstrate its ability to deliver its proposals so as to demonstrate benefit to the area. • Therefore an appropriate agreement with the site owner should be in place to occupy / develop the site. • The winning Operator is also likely to be required to enter into a legal agreement with LBN to deliver on the ‘offer’.

  25. Town Planning Considerations • Planning and Licensing are separate legislative processes. • Licensing authority may not have regard to likelihood of planning consent. • Due Planning processes and timescales apply. • Planning consent does not in any way obligate the Council to award the Premises Licence nor does any agreement associated with the Licensing process obligate the Local Planning Authority to issue planning consent. • Section 106 Agreement may be required. • Encourage pre-application discussions with the Local Planning Authority. • All documents submitted as part of a planning application will be in the public domain.

  26. Summary • Ensure that you understand Newham’s expectations. • Consider the Gambling Commission and planning requirements. • Be familiar with published legislation.

  27. Single Point of Contact • Denise Mulligan, Regeneration Projects, London Borough of Newham • Email: • Casino Information Line: 020 8430 2610 • Website being developed for information updates