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Ability Processing plant

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  1. Talent Factory

  2. Digitalent Foundation The Foundation’s aim is to promote innovation and digital culture within digital industry • Sponsors • Collaborators

  3. Our position • We position in R+D+I in advanced digital content • We aim to be an approved center of innovation in digital content Conceptualization platforms Advanced TIC for new contents I+R+D department in digital content for bussinesses Cultural Industries TICs Fund. Digitalent Talents Support new creation Public Sec. Strategies to support innovation in digital content

  4. Audiovisual industry • Traditional power of TV is disappearing • New situation regarding audiovisual industry

  5. Uncertainty With the arrival of wide band networks market power relations are not clearly defined yet

  6. New power relations in industry • Creators are more free and some of them are not part of industry • Market is developing quickly • More channels • Users are more free • More competitive content market • Global market • Current business strategies in crisis

  7. The media are more competitive • Creation of more projects • Faster integration of new creators into industry • Action area: the world • Creation of more digital culture in global network

  8. Talent Factory The Factory’s aim is to look for and attract new talent, out of commercial circuit, in order to incorporate it to the contents digital’s industry • Invigorate the sector of digital content (audiovisual and cultural) • Make industry rely on this new talent (reducing risk, promoting and testing the new talent) • Be the department of R+D+i of cultural industries

  9. Talent Factory • Creator incubator vs Business incubator • Creators vs Entrepreneurs • Objective: market opportunities for the Talent • Provide the Talent with skills to face the market. • Own broadcasting channel

  10. Talent Model vs Project Model Concept of production Project Talent Projection Production Production Commercialization Commercialization

  11. New Digital Talent • Creators have a good command of digital language • They are out of industry scope • They are seen as outsiders • Attraction in a global environment

  12. New Digital Talent 1º Detection of new talent in global environment 2º Work on open innovation 3º Creation of a model 4º Promotion 5º New relationship between Producer and Creator

  13. Professional production Trade council Open Hunter & Open Lab Open Hunter & Open Lab Professional production Test Lab & Marketing Project acceptance 3 pronged Negotiation Agreement signing Stop Work Activity Company Creative Hunter Talent Contact Project budget Report & Cost Sale & End New digital TALENT Not defined 1 month 2 months 1 month 1 year DETECTION START PRODUCTION PROMOTION SALE

  14. What is Digital Talent? • Talent in content • Creation of tools for content • New production methods • New business strategies

  15. Board of Directors MACCCC Automatic Analysis . Animac bDigital Bcn Employers Univer. Hangar Compos Lyon Lisboa Competitions Other Institutions DiBa Barcelona Baumann Terrassa Creative Hunters Baners T.F. Radar Trade Fairs Net T.F. TCM UOC ICIC Channel for TALENT search PASSIVE CHANNELS ACTIVE CHANNELS COOPERATIVE CHANNELS

  16. Intellectual Property Open innovation

  17. Work Relation • 1200€/month Allowance • Process of creation of 1-3 months

  18. Talents/Projects • Capturing channel: Festivals/ Competitions • DIBA Festival (Barcelona) • Talent 1: 4 people • 2 audiovisual anthropologists + 2 audiovisual artists • Project field: Internet+Audiovisual+Education • Talent 2 • Vitoria channel TV producer (Álava) • Project field: Publishing+TV

  19. Talents/Projects • Capturing channel: Festivals/ Competitions • BAUMANN Festival (Terrassa) • Talent 3 • Animation Designer • Project field: Animation+TV

  20. Talents/Projects • Capturing channel: Creative Hunter/ Various • (T4) BioOrg: Genetics in social networks. • (T5) Mobile Quest: Mobile content + TV quiz show. • (T6) Multiplayer Chess: Video games online. • (T7) Music 4.0: Music creations with scores.

  21. Talents/Projects • Capturing channel: Banners • Offers: 37 • Age: 25 - 45

  22. Work team • MANAGEMENT • Experts in Research & Develop. (Content & Technology) • CREATIVE HUNTERS • Multidisciplinary profile and expert in content and new technologies • Responsible for relations with Talents: several environments, universities...

  23. Team • PRODUCTION • Responsible for Project management • Responsible for providing the Talent with resources required • Guarantee guidelines for innovation • DIGITAL MARKETING • Knowledge of new technologies market • Use of channels to promote Talents • Specialized in viral marketing, web 2.0...

  24. Work team • Creative Hunter: 2 • Digital Marketing: 2 • Production: 2 • Management: 2 • Total: 8 professionals

  25. Trade Council • Multidisciplinary team. Wise people in Talent Factory • Responsible for creating strategies together with the management team Deliberación Premios Digitalent Festival DIBA

  26. Co-InnovationCooperation in innovation methods • Professionals • Experts in co-creation, open innovation for new formats, new technologies for production, multi-platform concepts, etc.

  27. Co-InnovationCooperation in innovation methods • Universities • UOC • Postgraduate program “Innovation in audiovisual content creation: new tools and methods for new audiovisual mediums” (30 credits) • Research project: Art, aesthetics and new-media (R&D, Ministry of Education and Science) • Barcelona University • ACRE project - Accommodation Creative knowledgde - Competitiveness of European Metropolitan Regions within the Union

  28. Co-InnovationCooperation in innovation methods • Autonomous government and local companies • Mataró. TCM Audiovisual & EUPM (School attached to UPC)-Graduate in audiovisual mediums • Generalitat de Catalunya. Catlab (Catalan net of Livinglabs consisting of i2Cat foundation, Neapolis, Citilab, TecnocampusMataró, digital, 22@)

  29. - Computer equipment • 100MB bandwidth • 50 CPU. • Several technology resources. Infrastructures • 900 m2 area • 100 m2 motion capture studio • 80 m2 performance projecting studio • 520 m2 production studios • 200 m2 offices

  30. 4K node - Glif network

  31. “Cultural Ring” Hipnotik Festival 2008: Graffiti Anella Culturalhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3voqpAIjwk Presentation of 'Metamembrana', MARCELI ANTUNEZ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nDHIxQdIYw

  32. Talent Factory portalInternet communication strategies

  33. Initial budget • 15 months CONCEPT TOTAL Microcomputing 45 working places + electronics +storage + closets 330.176 Internet sign (Al-Pi) 45.000 Computer services 179.561 Top10 Talents and resources consumption 60.750 Audiovisual services consumed by 10 talents 32.000 Project consultancy (External) 16.000 Promotion 25.000 Renting 300 m2 area 121.500 Talent Factory Human Resources 333.600 Project management 102.988 Computer infrastructures design 40.830 Computer infrastructures assembly 21.900 Portal development 299.639 International net consultancy 15.750 Net machines 20.300 Perishables 4.000 Trips 5.000 Audit 3.000 Other (Contingency) 65.874 1.722.868 TOTAL

  34. Creative capital fund • It guarantees a continuous flow of projects • High risk, Low investment, high return • 3,000,000 € allow to undertake a minimum of 50 projects a year for five years • Companies under negotiation: • CCMA • Abacus • Financial Promotion (from Generalitat) • ICIC • etc.

  35. Internationalization • Distributed network to detect and exchange talents globally • An only Database for Talents that the whole Talent Factory network could enter • Centralize knowledge management • To achieve a global environment we must COOPERATE and SHARE to become more competitive

  36. Internationalization

  37. Areas to share • Law and financial firm • Image • Unique personalized design • An only Database • International Networking • Web portal: hosting, domains, personal development • Open innovation structure • Work protocol • Intellectual Property • Innovation models in creation • Infrastructures: • E.g. 4k node (with Foundation i2Cat)

  38. Talent Factory www.digitalent.cat ines@digitalent.cat C/ Perú, 174 08020 Barcelona T. 93 266 19 99