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uclick Versatile Funnies and Manga 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
uclick Versatile Funnies and Manga 2008

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uclick Versatile Funnies and Manga 2008

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  1. uclick Mobile Comics and Manga 2008 Confidential © uclick LLCNote: play in slideshow mode for animated demos throughout presentation

  2. Phase 1: Comic Applications

  3. Comic Strip Applications • Multiple comic application SKUs • Branded comic packs for specific target audiences • Current, color comics updated 6 days a week in scrollable format

  4. Comic Strips – Mobile Web • All comics delivered daily via mobile Web • Subscription and advertising models supported • Titles constantly added • Broad support for any mobile Web enabled handset • English and Spanish language available

  5. Comic Book & Manga Applications • First mobile comic books and manga in North America • Major brands and top fan favorites • Subscription-based “anthology” approach • Six or more titles in one application for $4-5 per month • Edited and formatted for a panel-by-panel view • New episodes daily, plus access to full archives • Two versions available now: • GoComics Books • TOKYOPOP Mobile Manga

  6. Made for Mobile Comics View the trailer: http://www.gocomics.com/thunderroad/

  7. Sales Highlights • Placement on all major US carriers • Trial versions allow sampling before subscribing • Over 400k trials since launch • 40-50k new readers per month • 3-4 million page views per month • Many titles have more mobile readers than monthly print sales • Audience reach is broader than traditional comic book base • Comics and manga run equal • Alternative titles and humor do well • Deep inventory of titles and archives • Strong interest in participation from creators and publishers • Consumer advertising and promotion

  8. Phase 2:Mobile Comic Shop – Applications & Mobile Web

  9. Mobile Comic Shop Applications • Next version of comic applications • Java, BREW, smartphone applications cover all handsets – domestic and international • Emulate the comic shop experience on a mobile phone • Wide range of publishers and titles • Comic books, manga, comic strips • Previews and fan information for both mobile and print • Original “made for mobile” content • Enhanced menus to support range of product • Ancillary product – games, video, wallpapers, retail book sales

  10. Mobile Web Comics • Mobile Web • WAP offering of all content • Comic strips • Comic books • Manga • Ancillary product – games, video, wallpapers, retail book sales • Supports all Internet enabled handsets • Domestic and international • Smartphones and various operating systems • Simplified navigation and user experience • Java and BREW applications promoted as “step-up” products

  11. Titles • Over 50 unique titles, including: • Stan Lee’s Stripperella(all new original for mobile) • TMNT • Bone • GODLAND • PvP (Player vs Player) • Elephantmen • Princess Ai • Peach Fuzz • Guilstein • Too Much Coffee Man • Halo & Sprocket • Thunder Road • Range of publishers: • TOKYOPOP • Virgin Comics • Image • Devil’s Due • PaperCutz • Teshkeel • Universal Press comic strips(Calvin & Hobbes, Garfield, many more) • More to be announced

  12. Revenue Models • Applications • “Free” • Previews and fan info • Individual issues • Advertising supported - High page views point toward exposing more free content to a large audience • Credit based pricing • Individual issues • Graphic novels • Trade collections • Special selections • Ancillary content – wallpapers, video, games, books • Platform allows future billing options and refinements • Mobile Web • Simplified two-tier approach • Advertising supported content published within 3 days • Subscription for full archive

  13. Promotion & Marketing

  14. Direct Distribution • GoComics.com, partner Web sites • Push to carrier download when possible

  15. Online Comic Shop • Web client and widget application • Replicate panel-by-panel viewing to promote multiple platform experience • Promotes mobile comics © uclick, LLC.

  16. Consumer Marketing • Print • Online • Comic-cons and trade shows • Cross promotions

  17. About uclick • uclick is a premier content publisher, offering a broad mix of graphical content, games, applications and video for the Internet and mobile devices • We feature internationally known brands with a focus on comic strips, comic books, manga, illustration, and media icons • uclick’s products are available through their flagship consumer brand GoComics, syndicated Web sites, mobile carriers and leading distributors worldwide • uclick is an operating company of Andrews McMeel Universal, the leading syndicate and publisher of books and calendars in North America Visit www.uclick.com for more information

  18. Thank you!