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Mia Hamm

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Mia Hamm

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  1. Mia Hamm great american soccer player

  2. Timeline • In 1987, she joined U.S. national soccer team • In 1990, she wins NCAA championship • In1991, she wins women's world cup • In1996, she wins Olympic gold medal

  3. Background Information • She has 2 sisters, 1 adopted brother and a mother and father • Her dad is an air force pilot • Her mom was a professional ballerina • When Mia was two or three she joined the air force team but she didn’t like it so she joined dance and she hated it • Mia liked soccer, basketball and football while she was growing up • In high school, Mia playedall boy football • When she was 13, she started playing soccer and she was very good at it

  4. Challenges • Mia Hamm was divorced with Christan Corey and then married to Boston Redsox short stop Nomar Garciaparra • She was moving all across the world when she was a child, which made it difficult to stay in touch with friends • Mia’s brother Garrett, died in 1997 from a rare bone marrow disease

  5. Accomplishments • She gave birth to two twins, Grace Isabella and Ava Caroline (They where 5 weeks early) • She had a great soccer career • Won NCAA championship in 1990 • Won World Cup in 1991 • She graduated from Lake Braddock high school

  6. Important Information • One of the challenges she had to over come was her brother died and while hewas at the doctors she looked at him like he was one of her heroes. • Some of the things I like about this person are she stayed with her goals and dreams to become a soccer player. • One of the childhood experiences that caused her to stay with soccer is when she was 5 she started to play soccer so she stuck with it because she loved it. When she was 13 it became serious.

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