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Web Advertising for Smarties

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Web Advertising for Smarties

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  1. Web Marketing for Smarties Malena Lott ATHENA Institute

  2. Intro • Once upon a love story • Livin’ in the wild, wild web • Success stories

  3. Why web marketing? • Online spending and time are both UP • Free to “publish” • Ability to add credentials and legitimacy to you and your company • Ability to connect with people around the world • Grow your inner circle • HOW DO YOU SPEND TIME ON THE WEB?

  4. MALENA’S HUMBLE OPINION • Web is a better place to CONNECT than to MARKET • Web is a better place to COMMUNICATE than to ADVERTISE • Web is a better place for FEEDBACK than SALES • Web marketing is a mind-set. Mantra: I will use the web for good and not evil. Or something like that. (Eat SPAM. Don’t send it.)

  5. What every biz needs on web • Rockin’ web site • At least two forms of social media • Fresh content (weekly is fine) • At least one online group or forum

  6. What is a Rockin’ Web Site • Home page makes a great first impression. Makes you want to “walk through the door” I.e. click appeal • Crisp, clear, creative. NO CLUTTER. • Great copy - engaging, efficient, entertaining • Answers the “what’s in it for me?” for reader • Great photography - stock photos are fine, but they must be relevant and have a “theme” • Easy to navigate - fewer pages the better • Think quality, not quantity • Contact info on home page • Update content weekly - at minimum Monthly. Would you go a month without shaving? Me thinks not.

  7. Rockin’ Web Site: ADVANCED • Web videos • Blog • Links from home page to social media

  8. Are you plugged in? • Twitter.com • Facebook.com • LinkedIn.com • Blogs & Vlogs • YouTube.com

  9. Secrets of SM Success • You can’t fake it. Either network like a champ or don’t do it at all. • Make it a daily practice. Like brushing your teeth. (2x daily is even better!) • Engage in convo, don’t vomit info. • Links are fine, but don’t make it ALL you do. • Be creative quickly. 140 characters isn’t much. • Understand people have preferences. Not everyone uses ALL services.

  10. Secrets of SM cont. • Follow back if they are in your geography, target market, industry or simply because you like them! • Twitter: what the hell is a # (hashtag) • Only host a contest if it’s a GOOD prize • Only host a tweet-up if it will blow all other tweet-ups away • Read feeds & learn from others who are doing SM well • Frequency of message still matters, but can’t be a broken record

  11. What I LOVE • Hootsuite (www.hootsuite.com) can schedule tweets for later and post to different SM accounts • Twitter chats (with the hashtag) - find them in your industry and local ones • The people behind the “handles” are a mystery. Treat them all with respect. They could be your next big client, referral source or best friend! • Groups & fan pages on FB. Remember you must have a private account to start a group or biz page. Don’t host one unless you work it daily. The “groups” provide an embedded e-newsletter functionality. • Word-of-mouth & buzz

  12. What I Don’t Love • People or businesses who send messages out more than once a week via the “groups” • People who write on your FB wall with promo crap • People who never respond to @replies or DMs on Twitter • People who don’t understand Netiquette

  13. Blogs & Vlogs • Check out Okieblogawards.blogspot.com for great Oklahoma blogs and see how they do it. • Have a theme. Concentrate on content and update daily or at minimum weekly. • My pref: Wordpress & iLife (Mac). Others: typepad, eblogger. • Do it because you have info that will benefit others, not because you like to hear yourself talk. • Vlog - don’t do it if you’re not comfortable on camera. Training will help. Do it if you are great on camera, but keep it short. Encourage feedback.

  14. Ads: worth the money? • Banner ads and tile ads work if you make them enticing. Teasers are great. Eye-catching, colorful and bold words. • Placement is key. This requires a media plan to ensure you are going to get hits by the right people who are interested in your product. You’re paying for “eyes.” • If you don’t have a budget, start with doing link swaps with other great blogs.

  15. Web Videos Will continue to grow and one day may dominate “words” on the web. • Nearly ALL BUSINESSES could benefit from adding a video to your web site. Lets them really see who you (your company) is. • Types of videos: • Behind-the-scenes • Intro videos • Testimonial videos • How-to videos • Tours

  16. Emotional Branding is KEY

  17. Brand Creative • Create a STORY. • Make it entertaining. • Make it relevant. • Make it MEMORABLE. What do you want them to FEEL? Zappos! Dove, AXE, SW Airlines, Geiko, Sonic

  18. Brand Identity Checklist on Web • Style • Voice • Talent • Color Palette • Art/graphics • Words

  19. The Big Idea • Brainstorming! The more ideas the better. • Playing. Play with the ideas, explore, experiment. • Do what your competitors are NOT doing. • Leads to Marketing Spiral…

  20. ROI • Google Analytics, Quantcast, compete.com • Keep track, but give it time. Adjust as necessary • ROI in trad media & PR

  21. Stronger Connections • Facebook Fans who will recommend you and be brand loyal. • Twitter Followers who will be your megaphones. • Editors who will call you because you have proven expertise in your field. • Web site that closes the deal before a call is even made. • In-person networking that results in secondary meetings. • Customers who will come to your events & bring their friends. • Customers who will shop you in good times and bad because of your customer service and exceptional reputation and product.

  22. Q&A & Contact • Malenalott@me.com • www.malenalott.com • www.BookEndBabes.com • www.facebook.com/malenalott • www.twitter.com/malenalott • www.twitter.com/BookEndBabes