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Video Conferencing

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Video Conferencing

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  1. Video Conferencing An Introduction to the Technology Carl A. Zaner September 2000

  2. Video Conferencing • Introduction • What is Video Conferencing? • How is Video Conferencing Used? • Where is the Technology Going? • Summary • What Have We Learned?

  3. Video Conferencing • What is Video Conferencing? • Brief History • First Public Introduction at 1964 New York World’s Fair -- AT&T’s VideoPhone® -- “Gee Wiz” Factor – Very Costly • Very Little Development Outside the Laboratory for 25 Years -- No Practical Application Foreseen in the Market • Widespread Development Ramped-up During Late ‘80s -- Especially within Military Market -- Big Ticket Item • Drive to Establish International Interoperability and Standards Forced Market / Vendor Expansion in Late ‘80s • Television Studio Production Values Pushed Transmission Clarity and Usability Features

  4. Video Conferencing • What is Video Conferencing? • Types of Technologies -- How Does it Work? • Analog TV Broadcast Teleconferencing Network Feeds and Radio Frequency Transmission • Compressed Digital Teleconferencing Digitized (Coded / Decoded) Circuit-Switched Transmission via Public Switched or Private Telecommunications Networks • Broadband Satellite Teleconferencing Wideband Transmission via Transponder Space • Internet-based Teleconferencing ‘IP’ Packet-Switched Routing via Switched Networks

  5. Video Conferencing • What is Video Conferencing? • ITU's Video Conferencing (Umbrella “H.320”) Standards: • H.320 -- Enables Desktop Audio and Video Components to be Shared in Multiple Locations Over ISDN Circuits • H.323 -- Allows for Video Conference Transmissions Over LANs (i.e., Ethernet) • H.324 -- Provides Ability to Video Conference Over Analog Phone Lines, via 28.8 kbps Modems • T.120 -- Provides Desktop Video Conference Collaboration and Document Sharing, via File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

  6. Video Conferencing • How is Video Conferencing Being Used? • Traditional Face-to-Face Meetings • Point-to-Point • Multipoint (Bridging) • Workgroup Collaboration • Distance Learning • Video-on-Demand • Telemedicine • Telediagnosis • Teleconsulting • Teletherapy

  7. Video Conferencing Applications Typical Workgroup Conference Typical Executive Conference

  8. Video Conferencing Applications Typical Workgroup Conference Typical Desktop Conference

  9. Video Conferencing Applications Roll-about Telemedicine Unit Roll-about Conferencing Unit

  10. Video Conferencing • Where is Video Conferencing Technology Going? • Evolving Applications • Maturing of Standards and Quality Fosters Usability • Corporate / Public Acceptance • Increased Usability Promotes Greater Use • Impact on Local Area / Wide Area Networks • Increased Use Forces Continuing Network Deployment and Development • Growth Forecasts • Increased Network Capabilities Encourage Future Enhancements, Features and Functions, which Contribute to Continuing Acceptance and Demand

  11. Video Conferencing • Where is Video Conferencing Technology Going? • Growth -- Desktop Conferencing Alone, is Expected to Double Each Year through 2001 * Source: InfoWorld - December 1996

  12. Video Conferencing • Summary • What Have We Learned? • Video Conferencing has Evolved over 35 Years, from a Technology-Driven "Gee Wiz" Toy to a User-Driven Tool, Facilitating Today's Business, Education and Medical Sectors with New Global Communications Capabilities