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Video Spilling

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  1. Video Streaming Team XSTREAM Rachel Whirley, Alex Williams, & Steven Thayer CSCI110 - Spring 2008 Dr. Bowring

  2. Introduction • What is a video streaming website? • Video streaming sites allow users to view posted videos from website members. The vast and growing membership to video streaming websites allows for viewing and sharing of videos with users around the world. • Top Competitors: • YouTube, MyspaceTV & eBaum’s World

  3. Created in 2005 • Allows users of all ages to access vast databases of videos from anything about playing video games to learning how to break dance at your own leisure. • Probably one of the largest, if not the largest streaming video site on the web today

  4. Youtube aspects • Fast Load times • Depending on connection • The user’s computer • Can be used as a learning a tool

  5. Youtube aspects (Cont.) • Kid friendly • No pseudo-porn • Less tantalizing images (half naked women, sexuality, etc.

  6. Youtube aspects (Cont.) • Videos of all types, taste, etc. • Dancing • Video games • News • Bloopers • Friends

  7. Created in 1998 and co-owned by Eric “eBaum” Bauman and his father, Neil Bauman from Rochester, New York • The website was sold for $15 million in cash and a stock deal to HandHeld Entertainment on August 2, 2007

  8. Help??

  9. Made in response as competition for YouTube to resemble a television site • Allows the users to post videos just like but it also heavily involves the corporations. • Caters directly for the Myspace audience • One of the shows made by, “Quarter Life”, is now a television show that has been picked up by NBC.

  10. • Unlike • More corporate friendly • Production Company’s are participating because it allows them to have control over content and not users

  11. Because of the millions of users already subscribed to and it’s backing by corporations, may really start to seriously compete with the future

  12. And the winner is….Youtube • Content on Youtube and Myspace is geared more towards all audiences, unlike the EBaum’s World, which has content that is not appropriate for younger viewers. • Youtube’s and Mypsacetv’s main purpose still remains the sharing and viewing of videos, when EBaum’s World’s has other features as well. • The advantage that Youtube and Myspacetv have over EBaum’s World is their convenient and visible help center/contact information. • Overall, as video streaming websites go, Youtube and Myspacetv are the best to use just for that purpose. Youtube currently is most popular and well known, but Myspace in right behind them in the rankings.

  13. On a lighter note… We wanted to share with you a streaming video from Youtube Enjoy!!

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