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PFL and WDAS Radio Publicizing Program PowerPoint Presentation
PFL and WDAS Radio Publicizing Program

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PFL and WDAS Radio Publicizing Program

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  1. PFL & WDASRadio Advertising Program

  2. Radio Advertisement Program P.F.L. Description R.A.P. Description Online Streaming Info. Streaming Benefits Traffic/Web StatisticsInternet Streaming Rates Banner Advertising Rates Upcoming Events How to Get Started

  3. Description of the Passing Football League • The only & largest 7-on-7 Football League in Pennsylvania • Only 7-on-7 league that offers cash prizes • Teams perform 1,000 community service hours • 10 – 20 Squad members and 1 coach on team • Fun, Healthy, Family entertainment events • Games at Fairmount Park: May 3rd – August 9th • 3 Divisions of competition for the league • High School Varsity / Junior Varsity / Middle School

  4. R.A.P. Description The PFL and WDAS team up to get your business recognized with a Radio Advertising Program to support our youth football league. As people move from their cars to their offices at work, they bring their favorite radio station with them and the advertising of your business supporting the Passing Football League will get recognized by your current & future customers.

  5. Streaming Reaches your Audience • 13,096+ unique streamers tune-in weekly for an average of 20.3hours • Majority of streaming takes place between Monday through Friday, 8:00am -6:00pm • Direct link from • Reach at-work listeners when they are at their computers and can act on the information immediately.

  6. Online Streaming Benefits • Support core your on-air campaigns with extended messages with frequency that reach your target market. • The “at work” listening audience is tech savvy, they listen longer, respond faster and tend to buy more. • No other medium can reach these consumers as effectively in the work place as radio streaming! • All commercials receive a tag line along with a commercial promoting the PFL. Example: “…brought to you by ‘YOUR BUSINESS for all your product/service needs…”

  7. Traffic Streams / Web Site Stats (Dec. 1st-31st) Page Views: 997,386 Monthly Unique Visitors: 52,386 Monthly Streaming: 13,096 average weeklyVideo Plays Viewed: 85,824 Monthly Time Spent Listening: 20.3 Hours Weekly Keyword/Search: 8,089 Monthly Research A recent study by America Online, demonstrated that nearly 80% of African Americans surveyed are on the internet – most on broadband, more likely to use the internet for job hunting, education, finances, healthcare, entertainment and more!

  8. Online Streaming Rates Only $10.00 Per Commercial (:60/:30/:15) 100 Commercials Monday-Friday, 8a-6p Total: Only $1,000 * Please allow up to 72 hours for production Offer Valid: Now until 4/30/08 * At this price you will help register 20 student-athletes

  9. Banner Advertising Rates • Leaderboard Position – 100,000 Impressions Per Month 728 x 90 - $400 For The Month of April– 15% Rotation • Half Banner – 100,000 Impressions Per Month 234 x 60 - $350 For The Month of April– 25% Rotation • Small Cube – 300,000 Impressions Per Month 120 x 90 - $300 For The Month of April • Large Cube – 10,000 Impressions Per Month 300 x 250 - $250 For The Month of April – 15% Rotation • Skyscraper Position – 10,000 Impressions Per Month 120 x 600 - $200 For The Month of April– 15% Rotation • Rates include both websites on WDAS & PFL Homepage * PFL banner sizes may differ slightly based on availability ** Exclusive 2-for-1deal offered by Passing Football League for April only!**

  10. Upcoming Events • Spring Break College Recruiting Seminar • Various locations in Philly, March 17th -March 21st • Wide Receiver/Quarterback Football Camps • 6 Camps within 25 miles of Philadelphia (6 locations) • Sports Specific Speed Training Camp • Hosted at Temple University, June 16th – August 9th • Education & Sports High School Workshops • Marc Jackson Youth Basketball Camps • Pre-Season Life Skills Experience, August ‘08

  11. Join the Team & Support the Youth To Get your Ad placed, Contact Maine Prince 267-432-6778 … call with All custom package request will be considered Let’s help inspire Philadelphia student-athletes