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the software is free l.
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The Product is Free

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The Product is Free

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  1. The Software is Free Reducing BOM Cost With Efficient Software Gopal MiglaniPresident, BitRouter

  2. Software happens! • Software is an electronic component • It costs money • It takes time • TVs don’t work without it • OEMs don’t want to pay for it

  3. How much does it cost? • “80% of the engineering resources went into software, not hardware” – Jukka Hamalainen, CEO Panasonic AVC, Sep 28 ’98 EE Times, referring to Panasonic’s first HDTV. • 50% of gadgets returned are in perfect working order. The average American spends 20 minutes to try and get a gadget to work – study at Technical University of Eindhoven, May 2006.

  4. Where are we headed? • Today • Digital tuners • Digital Cable Ready • Built in DVD • Tomorrow • Bi-directional Cable (requires Java) • DVR • Downloadable conditional access • IPTV • Digital Home Networking • Blu-Ray & HD-DVD

  5. Bi-Directional DCR ATSC Analog Software Complexity is Exploding

  6. Modularity & Reuse are Key • Same software can work on any SoC • Same software can work on any operating system • Can you license individual modules? • If not, there is a design problem • Mix licensed modules with in-house IP • Reuse modules across product range • Digital modules, converter boxes, integrated TV, DCR, DVR, DVD, bi-directional, IPTV… • Innovative licensing • Insist on well defined hardware abstraction layer, APIs and design • DVB & US standards can share a common code and API base

  7. Complete Designs • Beyond reference boards & SDKs • OEMs are asking for complete designs • Complete GUI is next big differentiator • Standards based approach to GUI – XML • OEM does not need access to source code • Only XML source required to “skin” the device • Easy to create product differentiation • ATSC converter box is only 2200 lines of XML • XML based games offer additional revenue

  8. Modularity and Reuse

  9. Support • Documentation • Source code availability • Training available • Support comes from software architects • Engineering services available • Integration and certification services

  10. Risk Management • Field tested • Deployed • Time to market • Roadmap • DVB • Blu-Ray • DVB-H • Is there any open source content?

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