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We need: Solid Results for Oregon Youth PowerPoint Presentation
We need: Solid Results for Oregon Youth

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We need: Solid Results for Oregon Youth

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  1. The Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan is designed so that each community, agency or group can approach the youth sexual health in a manner that is relevant to its setting and circumstances.

  2. We want: Healthy Outcomes for Oregon Youth

  3. Content of the Plan was informed by literature reviews, medical studies, Oregon Healthy Teens survey data and youth-led research.

  4. Input from 5,128 Oregonians Guided the content of The Plan

  5. *25 youth from Deschutes, Jackson, and Multnomah Counties were trained in “action research” methodology and designed projects to explore youth sexual health issues in their communities.*2333 youth completed questionnaires or participated in focus groups as part of youth action research.*57 youth from Deschutes, Jackson, Lane, and Multnomah counties participated in focus groups to review and give feedback on a draft of the plan.

  6. *881 people participated in 9 community forums in Clatsop, Deschutes, Lane, Lincoln, Marion and Multnomah Counties. * 1733 adults completed a questionnaire related to contraceptive access and school sexual health curricula for teens.*32 people who provide services in culturally specific contexts (Latino, LGBTQ, African American, Native American) participated in focus groups to give feedback on the plan. *67 people gave feedback on a draft of the plan via email during the month-long external review process.

  7. Teen Pregnancy Promotion – Sexual Health Partnership • Oregon Teen Pregnancy Task Force • Planned Parenthood – Columbia Willamette • Planned Parenthood – Southwestern Oregon • Benton County Health Department • Jackson County Health Department • Multnomah County Health Department • Oregon Commission for Children and Families • Oregon Department of Education • Oregon Department of Human Services: • Public Health Division • Children, Adults and Families Division - AmeriCorps HOPE

  8. Overarching Goals: • Youth use accurate information and well-developed skills to make thoughtful choices about relationships and sexual health • Sexual health inequities are eliminated • Rates of unintended pregnancy are reduced • Rates of sexually transmitted infections are reduced • Non-consensual sexual behaviors are reduced.

  9. 8 Objectives • Infrastructure • Policy • Address Health Inequities • Youth Development • Education for Youth and Families • Services for Youth and Families • Data • Assurances

  10. Data Points Oregon Teen Pregnancy Rates (per 1,000 females)

  11. The Work Is Just BeginningIdeas for Involvement • Provide ways for your audience members to participate in the issue. • Is there a class they can attend? • Are there services they can access? • Is there something they can advocate for?

  12. Contact information: Brad Victor, MAT Sexuality Education Program Specialist Oregon Department of Education brad.victor@state.or.us 503-947-566

  13. Download  the Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan: http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/ph/ah/sexuality/sexuality.shtml