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Human services Buyer Board of trustees Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
Human services Buyer Board of trustees Meeting

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Human services Buyer Board of trustees Meeting

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  1. Healthcare Consumer Committee Meeting 1045 / 03 June 2009

  2. Agenda • Opening Remarks/Introductions (5 min) • MAMC Parking Initiatives (15 min) • Access to Care Update (10 min) • Safe Patient Handling (10 min) • Points of Contact (5 min) • Questions/Discussion (~20 min)

  3. HCCM Opening Remarks/ Introductions

  4. Madigan Parking Improvements!! HCCM

  5. Warrior Parking!! Our Warrior parking program is a new off site parking area that has a shuttle that runs to and from Madigan. The shuttle is 15 minutes round trip and runs from 0730 till 1730 The Warrior parking lot is located at the Madigan Annex in front of Troop Command.

  6. Warrior parking/ bus stop OLD MAMC Wilson AVE Lincoln ST. Jackson AVE S. East Gardner Loop Madigan Gate

  7. Valet Parking!! •  Tired of driving around looking for a parking space? •  Tired of rushing to appointments? •  Madigan understands your frustrations and will be offering a FREE VALET SERVICE in the near future. • The free service will be offered for a limited time only to determine how many of our valued Madigan patients are using this wonderful service. •  Drive to the front, drop off your keys and let the valet’s deal with the hassles of parking.

  8. Valet drop off point Valet parking Valet parking

  9. Command in Action Due to the current parking situation at Madigan, the Command Group is taking steps to minimize our deficiency of spaces by moving the command designated spaces to an area where they will not be taking any patient, visitors, or staff spots.

  10. Command in Action cont.. New patient/visitor parking

  11. Command in Action cont.. Spaces open back to patients/visitors

  12. Traffic Change!! There will be a new traffic change in the medical mall parking lot. This traffic change is being put in effect to combat the number of traffic accidents that are taking place on 5th Street in front of the drive-up pharmacy. This change will limit the patrons entering onto 5th Street to the drive-up pharmacy only. There will be a barricade in place just after the drive-up entrance to ensure no one violates this policy.

  13. Traffic Change!! Drive -up pharmacy entrance only Barricade 5th Street Gardner Loop Medical Mall Entrance

  14. Questions? HCCM

  15. HCCM Access to Care Update

  16. Acute (w/in 24 hours) Routine (7 days) Wellness (28 days) Primary Care: Consult (28 days) Follow-up (per medical plan) Specialty Care: Access Standards

  17. Access Standards • Emergency Care – If you require emergency care, go to the nearest emergency room or call 911. • Acute/Urgent Care (Seen within 24 hours) – If you require an acute or urgent care appointment (earache, high fever, etc), the Military Treatment Facility (MTF) must provide you an appointment within 24 hours at either the MTF or with a civilian provider through a referral.

  18. Access Standards • Routine Care (Seen within 7 days) – If you require an appointment for routine care (flu, colds, allergies, check-ups, etc), the MTF must provide you an appointment within 7 days. • Wellness Care (Seen within 28 days) – If you require an appointment for a wellness visit, (mammogram, pap smears, physicals, health maintenance, etc), the MTF must provide you an appointment within 28 days.

  19. Access Standards • Specialty Care (Seen within 28 days) – If you require an appointment for specialty care, (cardiology, orthopedics, podiatry, etc), the MTF must provide you an appointment within 28 days. • Follow-up visits (per medical plan) – Access standards do not apply to follow-up visits. The provider requesting the appointment determines the standard.

  20. Access How can you help? • Cancel appointment as soon as possible when you can’t make it to reduce no-shows • Provide correct and best contact number • Let us know about your experience

  21. HCCM Safe Patient Handling

  22. Safe Patient Handling Program-Safe Staff, Safe patients, Quality care- Putting Your Safety First Your health and dignity are important to us. We want you to feel comfortable, safe, and secure as you receive care. While at Madigan, you may not be able to move without some help. We use special equipment to assist us in safely lifting and moving patients.

  23. Is The Equipment Safe? Yes, your special needs will be considered by hospital staff: Your height and weight Your diagnosis Type of moving required Equipment will be selected based on what is the safest for you and your health care provider. Safe Patient Handling Program-Safe Staff, Safe patients, Quality care-

  24. Questions? SPH Program Administrator (253) 968-4655 SPH Program Instructor (253) 968-4655 Safe Patient Handling Program-Safe Staff, Safe patients, Quality care-

  25. Let Us Know About Your Visit… • Clinic NCOIC • Clinic Head Nurse • Clinic Administrator • Clinic Chief • Patient Advocate • Chief, Clinical Support Division • Chief, Managed Care Division • Army Provider Level Satisfaction Survey

  26. Administrative Appointments • TRICARE Regional Appointment Center (TRAC): • 1-800-404-4506 • TRICARE On-Line • • TriWest: • 1-888-874-9378 • • MAMC TRICARE Operations: • 968-3348 / 3491 / 0643 • MAMC Referral Coordination Center Hotline: • 968-2903 • Patient Advocate • 968-1145 • Chief, Clinical Support Division • 968-6395 • Chief, Managed Care Division • 968-3417 • Madigan Army Medical Center • Contact Information Clinics • Family Medicine: • 968-0770* • Nisqually: • 966-9858* • Okubo: • 966-1991* • Internal Medicine: • 968-2462* • Pediatrics: • 968-3066 • McChord: • 968-2273* Behavioral Health • Military One Source: • 1-800-342-9647 • TriWest Behavioral Health: • 1-866-651-4970 • TriWest Crisis Line: • 1-866-284-3743 • Veterans Affairs Behavioral Health: • 1-800-273-8255 • National Suicide Prevention Life Line: • 1-800-273-8255 (Option 1) * Listen to Options, Press Menu Option Needed

  27. “We must ensure each Soldier is equipped and trained to fight and win. We must also provide for our families. We will not be successful if we fail to care for our loved ones waiting for their Soldiers to return. We must fight for their healthcare, children, housing, and Well-Being with the same vigor we fight with on the battlefield. They deserve nothing less.” -- SMA Kenneth O. Preston – Sergeant Major of the Army Questions/Discussion