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How I Sit back

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How I Sit back

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  1. How I Pass My Time…

  2. Fly Fishing • I usually only fish free-stone streams in the foothills of Alberta. • I’ve been fly fishing for 6 years. • I practice catch & release, and mainly fish for trout. • Best memory was watching a large brown rise for a hopper on the bow river.

  3. Downhill Skiing • I have been downhill skiing since I was 7 years old. • Have skied many resorts in Alberta and B.C. • Favorite resorts are: sunshine village and Mt. Norquay. • Have skied at Jackson hole, WY and wish to ski at kicking horse in golden, B.C.

  4. Hiking & Backcountry Camping • I began hiking as a child, but did not start backcountry camping until two years ago. • Hiked the West Coast trail, and many smaller hikes in the Kananaskis.

  5. Cycling • I enjoy both mountain biking and highway riding. • Multi-day trips: • Golden Triangle. • Calgary to Banff. • Elbow River loop. • Favorite day ride is Calgary to Priddis on Hwy 22X.

  6. Driving • I love to drive my 1999 Mercury Cougar. • It’s sporty, fun, and fairly quick. • It is the first car that I bought, and keep it in very good condition. • Modifications: • Eibach Pro Spring Kit. • Konig Absolute 17” wheels.

  7. Fly Tying • I enjoy to tie my own flies for when I fly fish. • There is nothing more rewarding than catching a trout on one of your own flies! • I have been tying for 6 years.

  8. Reading • I enjoy to read fantasy and thriller books. • Favorite authors: • Stephen King. • J. R. R. Tolkein. • James Patterson. • Tom Clancy.

  9. Woodworking • I have always enjoyed working with wood and building things. • Have built: • Chess table. • Stereo cabinet. • Lamp. • Barnyard framed mirrors. • Blanket chest. • Cedar-strip Canoe.

  10. Keeping In Shape • I enjoy building up strength, and keeping in shape. • Over the years, I have: • Boxed. • Weight lifted. • Ran. • Cycled.

  11. Drawing & Sketching • I have always enjoyed sketching and drawing. • I need to work from a photo or object. • Would like to learn how to water paint.

  12. Future Endeavors • I am a beginning golfer and would like to pursue this sport. • I would also like to build another cedar-strip canoe and go on canoe trips.

  13. References • All clipart was taken from the Microsoft Clip Gallery. • Photos were taken by J. Fech.

  14. PowerPoint Slideshownow complete. • Click on the icon to the left to return to my Electronic Portfolio Website.