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microsoft partner network dynamics lead referral program advanced partner deck l.
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Microsoft Accomplice System Elements Lead Referral Program Propelled Accomplice Deck PowerPoint Presentation
Microsoft Accomplice System Elements Lead Referral Program Propelled Accomplice Deck

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Microsoft Accomplice System Elements Lead Referral Program Propelled Accomplice Deck

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  1. Microsoft Partner Network Dynamics Lead Referral ProgramAdvanced Partner Deck

  2. Completing The Transformation – Lead Referral Program Goal: Build the pipeline • Increase lead flow potential Marketing Industry Focused Investments • Allow partners to be compensated for referrals that lead to new customer sales With-Partner Vertical Marketing Marketing Service Bureau • Drive leads to the right partners who have the ability to sell and deploy Lead Referral Program Available Aug 2010! • Provide incentive for non-Dynamics partners to refer customers

  3. Lead Referral Program Rules Program live as of August 16, 2010 Eligibility Requirements • Partners: Members of MPN • Products: AX, NAV, GP, SL, C5, CRM on-premises, CRM Online, POS/RMS • Programs: BRL, VL (except for SPLA) • Regions: Worldwide • Leads: Only new opportunities • Compensate referring partners for new leads • Increase lead opportunities for Solution-selling Dynamics Partners • Partners must agree to terms of Referral Agreement** • Opportunity shelf life of 12 months • Referrals must be submitted prior to transaction taking place • Transaction must be completed prior to payment • First referral received & accepted gets priority Fees • 5% of billed revenue* on initial transaction • Capped at $20k • Cannot receive SPA Discount or CSA Fee & Referral Fee for same transaction Lead Submission • Via online tool, including access to lead(s) status & reporting * If lead results in transaction. Fee % applied to full value of deferred payments & paid upfront. Paid on initial License and “Maintenance” transaction only. Subsequent renewals or transactions not included. ** One-time signature required (12-month term with auto-renewal†). Partner remain active in MPN. - Microsoft reserves the right to distribute leads to Managed SPA/CSA partners at its sole discretion.

  4. Lead Referral Program Process Partner enrolls Partner refers leads to Microsoft Referral entered into Microsoft systems Microsoft qualifies lead; Implementation Partners recommended to customer 1 2 3 Lead Management System Referral System Customer Customer Referral Partner Implementation Partner Microsoft 4 5 Order placed by transaction Partner, and is matched with referral 5% fee sent to Referring Partner

  5. Enroll in Referral Program Ensure active status in MPN Fill out your Referral profile Read and Complete the Referral Agreement; type Name to accept terms Receive confirmation email Access Referral page on PartnerSource

  6. Lead Submission: Step 1 of 4 • Log on to PartnerSource and access submission tool • PartnerSource enables: • Submissions of Leads • Receipt of change of Lead status updates • Access to Lead reporting 24/7

  7. Lead Submission: Step 2 PartnerSource – Enter Lead Contact Details • Your own organizational details are pre-populated • Accurate and relevant customer contact details increase chances of success

  8. Lead Submission: Steps 3 & 4 3. PartnerSource – Enter Lead Opportunity Details • Customer consent required • Customer acknowledgment that partner may receive finder’s fee required • Information provided helps offer lead to right solution-selling partner • Product(s) that lead may be interested in must be indicated • Size of opportunity critical • Public Sector not eligible for fees 4. Acknowledgement

  9. Lead Status Reporting • Lead status available 24/7 via PartnerSource • Saved • Accepted or Rejected • Closed • Cancelled* • Paid • Deleted *Unless matched with a transaction, Leads expire after 12 months

  10. Lead Status Reporting – Report Detail • Drill-down view • Summary of all leads submitted

  11. Next Steps Key Takeaway Programmatic billing allows partners to focus resources on adding new customers and growing their business instead of managing the renewal process • Opportunity to earn money by submitting leads to Microsoft • Builds pipeline for Microsoft Dynamics’ managed partners Next Steps • Become a part of the Microsoft Partner Network • Agree to the terms of the Microsoft Dynamics lead Referral Agreement • Available as of August 16, 2010 • Submit leads to the Microsoft Dynamics Referral Program