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Letter Round - Up

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Letter Round - Up

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  1. Letter Round - Up Dr. Jean Totally Reading #16 By: Crystal Pritchard

  2. A is for antelope A Says /a/

  3. B is for buffalo B Says /b/

  4. C is for cactus C Says /c/

  5. D is for deer D Says /d/

  6. E is for elk E Says /e/

  7. F is for fence F Says /f/

  8. G is for guitar G Says /g/

  9. H is for horse H Says /h/

  10. I is for iguana I Says /i/

  11. J is for jack rabbit J Says /j/

  12. K is for kerchief K Says /k/

  13. L is for lasso L Says /l/

  14. M is for music M Says /m/

  15. N is for night N Says /n/

  16. O is for on the range O Says /o/

  17. P is for peaceful P Says /p/

  18. Q is for quail Q Says /q/

  19. R is for rodeo R Says /r/

  20. S is for saddle S Says /s/

  21. T is for tent T Says /t/

  22. U is for under big sky U Says /u/

  23. V is for vulture V Says /v/

  24. W is for wagon W Says /w/

  25. X is for x brand X Says /x/

  26. Y is for yee-haw Y Says /y/

  27. Z is for zee end of the letter round up Z Says /z/

  28. Thanks for coming along and for singing our song.Happy trails! Time to giddy-up!