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waterton glacier international peace park l.
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Waterton-Ice sheet Worldwide Peace Park PowerPoint Presentation
Waterton-Ice sheet Worldwide Peace Park

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Waterton-Ice sheet Worldwide Peace Park

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  1. Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park

  2. Two Parks – Two Countries

  3. Waterton National Park -Canada Established on May 20th 1895 • 140 square km ( 54 square miles) • Since expanded to 525 square km ( 203 square miles) • F.W. Godsall a Pincher Creek Rancher was instrumental in its establishment • The park was named after the chain of lakes called Waterton Lakes named by Lieutenant Blakiston • The first Park Superintendent was John George Kootenai Brown appointed In 1911

  4. Waterton National Park -Canada

  5. Glacier National Park -USA • Evidence of People living in the area dating Back 10,000 years – ancestors of the Blackfeet Indians • 1806 Lewis and Clark came within 50 miles of what is now the Park • People started settling the area after completion of the Marias Pass used by the Great Northern Railway in 1891 • In the 1890’s tourism to the area began • George Bird Grinnell and others began to push for creation of a National Park • Initially it was made a Forest Preserve in 1900 but people continued to push for a park and in 1910 President Taft signed a bill making it the 10th National Park in US

  6. Glacier National Park -USA

  7. The IDEA Over the years, Park rangers felt that the two Parks should somehow be joined In 1931, they were joined by others with the same idea Cardston and Butte Rotarians (including Tom Davis, future RI President) felt that the parks should be joined as a symbol of the friendship shared between Canada and the United States. In 1931 July 4 they convened a good will meeting of 100 Rotarians from Alberta and Montana Here, they decided to lobby both governments to establish “ a permanent International Peace Park”

  8. Negotiations • Both sides began to lobby their prospective Governments • By December 8, 1931 the House of Representatives had passed a bill to establish “ the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park” and was passed by the Senate April 25th 1932 • A similar bill was passed by the Canadian Government in 1932

  9. Success • On June 18th 1932 • 2000 people attended the dedication Ceremony at Glacier Park Montana USA

  10. The Assembly In 1935 The Great Falls Rotary club suggested that Rotarians from both sides hold a joint meeting This idea was embraced by the Canadian clubs and the first Assembly was held at Glacier Park on July 13th and 14th Included a golf tournament and a Saturday banquet with speakers Following this meeting the Assembly became an annual event Each country hosts the celebration in alternate years

  11. Dedication of Cairns 1947

  12. Cairns on Chief Mountain Highway

  13. Hands across the Border, 1947

  14. The Future Government • There is an interest in expanding Waterton Park into the Flathead Valley in B.C. • Proposal developed by Canadian parks group and timber company • Jim Lopez, Vice President of Tembec, Inc.: "This has the potential to be a win/win solution.“

  15. Waterton Lakes National Park Proposed Expansion www.peaceparkplus.net

  16. The Future • Rotary • Rotarians on both side of the border are proposing the establishment of a “Peace Garden” at the Peigan/Carway border • Also more recognition for Rotary at other sites: • St Mary’s Interpretative centre • Going to the Sun Road Centre • Waterton –Peace Park Pavilion Exhibit • This has been proposed as a Centennial Project to celebrate 100 years of Rotary

  17. Goat Haunt

  18. Peace Garden site