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Winter School 2000

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Winter School 2000

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  1. Winter School 2000 MIT Outing Club

  2. Goals of Winter School • Introduce wilderness winter sports • Teach techniques • Demonstrate equipment • Teach safety • Instill wilderness ethics • Provide first hand experience MITOC Winter School

  3. Activities • Hiking (below and above treeline) • Winter Camping • Cross-Country Skiing • Ice Climbing (limited) MITOC Winter School

  4. Why Winter School? • Everybody is here with free time (IAP) • Unique challenges posed by weather and terrain • Mountains are less crowded • Preparation for other expeditions MITOC Winter School

  5. Pre-Requisites • No winter experience necessary • Mild weather experience desired but not necessary • Open mind (accept what others teach you) • Common sense (know your limits) • Enthusiasm is welcome MITOC Winter School

  6. Overview • Why is attendance important? • First and most important things (clothing, food) • Cool stuff (lectures, movies, talk shows) • Leaders are people too - ask questions, get to know them, make friends MITOC Winter School

  7. Inherent Danger • Winter environment is unforgiving • You will be far away (up to a day) from any help • Serious injury can result from frostbite, injury, and other accidents. You can lose digits or entire body parts • Death can occur from hypothermia, exposure, accidents, drowning, and other ways • Several people die every year in the White Mountains, especially the Presidentials MITOC Winter School

  8. Why Winter School? • Safety • Preparation • Fun MITOC Winter School

  9. Lonesome Lake

  10. Mt. Pierce

  11. Cannon Mountain

  12. Mt. Liberty

  13. Kinsman Pond

  14. Adirondacks

  15. Adirondacks – XC Skiing

  16. Adirondacks - Camp

  17. Dog Sledding in New Hampshire

  18. Ice Climbing – entering the Flume

  19. Ice Climbing – the Flume

  20. Mixed Ice Climbing – Rumney

  21. Sugarloaf

  22. Sugarloaf – Gourmet Camp Cooking

  23. Mt. Washington

  24. Mt. Washington – lunar base

  25. Swiss Alps

  26. Highway Glacier, Baffin Island

  27. Kilimanjaro (5895m)

  28. Logistics • Monday lectures concern special topics: xc skiing, orienteering, cold-weather injuries, avalanches • Wednesday lectures cumulative and mandatory: clothing, day hikes, overnights, above treeline travel, safety • Gear rental Thursday (8-9pm) • Weekend outing • Return gear on Monday (5-6pm) Lectures: 2-190, 7:00-9:30pm Office: 4th floor Student Center (w20-461) Bring Checkbook – No Cash or Credit Cards MITOC Winter School

  29. Trip Schedule Week 1 Below tree-line day hiking, XC skiing Week 2 Above tree-line hiking, XC skiing, snow camping Week 3 and later Multi-day hikes and sustained above tree-line travel We will continue to have easier hikes throughout Winter School if demand is sufficient. MITOC Winter School

  30. Today’s Lecture • Introduction • Clothing • Food and water • Basic Gear • Mountain Weather • Hypothermia • Cars • Weekend Trip sign up MITOC Winter School