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  1. France

  2. Welcome To France! The amount of people living in France is 64, 102, 140. The different religions in France are: Roman Catholic = 83 – 88 % Protestant = 2 % Islam = 5 – 10 % Jewish = 1% Unaffiliated = 4 % -- The money which the French use is the Euro. -- Many famous people are French, football players, chefs, models, actors and actresses and many other people. -- France is located between Spain and Germany. -- Well known food in France is frogs legs and croissants. -- Their neighbors are Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and England. -- France has a varied, temperate climate

  3. Bordeaux Bordeaux is in the south west of France. It is situated to the west of Toulouse and the south of Poitiers. It is famous for its wine, and the wineries they hold every year. One example of their famous wine is the Chateau Haut-Batailley. The main tourist attractions are the Cathedral of St André, Pont de Pierre (famous bridge) and Place de la Bourse (Museum, buildings). Activities in the town and surrounding area include swimming, tennis courts, sightseeing and oyster or wine tasting. The types of buildings in Bordeaux are government, architectural, multifunction, housing and offices.

  4. Food Frenzy The French are known for some of their unique cuisine. These include frogs legs and snails. Their more normal foods include croissants and baguettes. The most famous food is Frogs Legs. It is widely known. Other (more normal) foods are famous in France like the pastries, croissants. Paris provides most of the food for France as there are so many restaurants and food shops there.

  5. Thierry Daniel Henry was born on 17 August 1977. He is a French football player. He played for the English team Arsenal football club, but has moved to Barcelona football club. He also plays for his country, France. Henry grew up in Les Ulis, Esson, where he played for a variety of different local sides while growing up. He showed great promise as a striker. He joined Arsenal for a fee of £10.5 million in 1999. He is now regarded as one of the best footballers in the world. Famous French Thierry Henry

  6. Sport Crazy The French national sport is football. Football, tennis, rugby union, cycling, basketball and sailing are the most watched sports. The most famous sport events that are associated with France are the Football World Cup in 1998, and the tennis Grand Slam tournament Roland Garros. Football is most popular in most of the country but rugby is the most favoured in the south-west of the country, especially in Toulouse. The most played sport in France is Pétanque (known as Boules in the UK). One of the most famous French people is the footballer Thierry Henry.

  7. By Laura Bonass & Hollie Chambers