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  1. Netball! Find out about Netball! By Hannah Evans + Alice McKeon

  2. Contents • What is netball • How to play netball • The positions • Our teacher • The throws • THE END

  3. What Netball is! The aim of the game is to score the most goals.Each game is 16 minutes long, each half is 8 minutes. Return to contents

  4. How to play netball! The rules of netball: • When you have the ball you can not move! • When you catch the ball do 2 steps. • In netball everybody has a set place . Return to contents

  5. The Positions! • Goal attack • Goal defence • Goal scorer • Center • Goal keeper Return to contents

  6. Our Teacher! Our teacher is called Miss Roberts. She is really kind and pretty. She has taught us how to play games and lots more. Return to contents

  7. The Throws! Chest pass: put the ball to your chest turn your hands round and throw Bounce pass: • Aim the ball the other persons feet and then bounce it to them! Shoulder pass: If your right footed put your left foot forward if your left handed put yourright foot forward then get hold of the ball in one hand and shoot Return to contents

  8. Thank you for listening to our presentation! Hope you enjoyed it. Hope you might try it out one day! By Hannah Evans and Alice McKeon