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  1. Education – The Netherlands section Update Bianca Scholten The Netherlands section Public Relation Also Training Manager of TWP training

  2. Education – The Netherlands section Update • Update • TWP training • Other education activities • 10 minutes

  3. Relationship TWP training – ISA (1) • No education chair in NL section, TWP training independent from ISA NL • Unique contract ISA global • Certified trainers • BeNeLux • Other European countries • ISA certified training courses • ISA S88 (1 / 3 days) • ISA S95 (1 / 3 days) • ISA S84 (3/days) • Also TUV certified

  4. Relationship TWP training – ISA (2) • Students 3-days courses become member of ISA (free) • Students 3-days courses get standards subscription • ISA members get 5% discount for TWP training courses • Conclusion: TWP training is an important means to get new members

  5. Other activities TWP training (1) Training courses developed by Dennis Brandl: • 21CFR11 • Gamp & validation of control systems • S88 part 3 (very good quality, but: no ISA certification) Training courses developed by TWP training • XML related to S88 and S95(BML, B2MML)

  6. Other activities TWP training (2) • Websites & (sponsoring, 1 free training course a year) • Consultancy • Publications about S88 & S95 • 2 hour low budget introductions for large groups • Member of WBF education committee

  7. Objective TWP in general: • Become an international knowledge center of ISA standards and regulatory subjects • Specifically for batch industries • Especially S88 and S95 training and consultancy in several countries in Europe • Start S88 and S95 compliance audits for suppliers and system integrators, preferably initiated by ISA (Many companies are interested) • Not: become a large training company with a broad range of subjects

  8. How to reach students? • Press releases • Send brochure to 2500 addresses in NL + B (about 4 times a year) • Through websites and • Publications • Table top presentation at ISA NL seminar • Sending e-mails to about 600 addresses • How to reach students in other countries than NL and B?

  9. Idea for ISA sections: how to get new members? • Organize ISA training courses in your country / section(Scheduled or In Company) • Hire ISA trainers from Psynapses or TWP training • People who attend become ISA member

  10. Other education activities ISA • Seminars: to be discussed at another moment in this conference