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  1. FROGS Monica Rocha Section 2

  2. Outline Is it a frog or a toad? • Characteristics to keep in mind Frog Facts • Funny picture Colors • Bright • Camouflage

  3. Frog Members of the family Ranidae. Lay eggs in clusters. Smooth or slimy skins. Strong and long feet (for leaping and swimming). Toad Members of the family Bufonidae. Lay eggs in long chains. Warty and dry skins. Short hind legs (for walking). Difference between a frog and a toad

  4. Interesting Facts • Frogs have ears called tympanum. • Frogs make noise that can be heard from miles away. • Frogs have small cone teeth around the upper edge of the jaw. • The average life of a frog is between 4 and 15 years.

  5. Colors and Camouflage • Leafy green • Pointed shape of dry leaves • Yellow • Blue • Orange • Muddy brown • Red • Purple • Bold stripes and spots • White • Green

  6. Summary Slide • Outline • Difference between a frog and a toad • Interesting Facts • Colors and Camouflage