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Brian Borg 6 th June 2006 PowerPoint Presentation
Brian Borg 6 th June 2006

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Brian Borg 6 th June 2006

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  1. Leonardo da Vinci National Agency Brian Borg 6th June 2006

  2. An Introduction to the Maltese Islands Size: 316km2 Population: 400,420 Capital City: Valletta Official Languages: Maltese and English

  3. Education in Malta • Pre-Primary Education – 3 - 5 years • Primary Education – 5 - 10 years • Secondary Education – 11 - 16 years • Post-Secondary Education – Sixth Form(Pre-university) • Vocational Training – MCAST ITS • Tertiary Education – University of Malta • Further Studies and Adult Education

  4. Guidance in Malta • Guidance and Counselling is offered at different levels of education • At Secondary level there are guidance teachers and counsellors who follow a guidance programme with the students • At all other levels there are guidance services which are provided by guidance counsellors • Within the employment services job advise is provided by job advisors

  5. Publications • Multimedia Cd: Malta?! A Guide to Education and Vocational Training Information about the Maltese Educational System including Vocational Training Practical Information about Malta and guidelines on living in Malta

  6. Publications • Study Lifelong Guidance and the European Challenge – Issues for Malta Prof Ronald Sultana Presented as a review of where the guidance field stands at the moment in Malta Considering the European context Learning from good practice elsewhere To promote better practice in the field

  7. Publications • University Graduates Career Outcomes – A Career Guidance Tool • graduates’ pre-graduation profile (age, sex, qualification, classification, previous work experience, parents’ education & occupation); • early career outcomes; • job-related attitudes; • relationships between career outcomes & sex, age, classification & faculty or institute.

  8. Euroguidance Malta – co-operation with the stakeholders • The studies and publications produced were carried out with the co-operation of the major stakeholders • Stakeholders included: Guidance practitioners, education institutions, industry, unions and employment services • The stakeholders were invited to participate either by contributing information or by involving themselves in a discussion forum

  9. Conferences and seminars • Euroguidance Launch Conference – March 2003 • The European Dimension of Guidance & Counselling – October 2004 • Career Development and Management in a Changing Society– December 2004 • EU Programmes – opportunities for guidance practitioners – October 2005 • Career Guidance Issues – A Practical Approach – December 2005

  10. Online Career Information Database Featuring different career descriptions Serving as a valuable tool for guidance practitioners Involving the main stakeholders in Malta i.e.: Guidance Services, University of Malta, Employment and Training Corporation, Institute for Tourism Studies and the Malta College for Arts Science and Technology Future projects

  11. Vocational training, guidance and life opportunities for persons with disability This study will involve stakeholders in the field of guidance and organisations for persons with disability Study to be published in 2006