Beginning with HBIPS from an ORYX Merchant Point of view - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

getting started with hbips from an oryx vendor perspective l.
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Beginning with HBIPS from an ORYX Merchant Point of view PowerPoint Presentation
Beginning with HBIPS from an ORYX Merchant Point of view

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Beginning with HBIPS from an ORYX Merchant Point of view

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  1. Getting Started with HBIPS from an ORYX Vendor Perspective Hospital-Based Inpatient Psychiatric Services (HBIPS) Core Measures NAPHS Conference – September 2010

  2. Panel • Gayle Olano Hurt, MPA, Maryland Hospital Association, Quality Indicator Project • 6816 Deerpath Road, Elkridge, MD 21075 • Phone: 410-379-6200 or 800-899-9642 • Web:, E-mail: • Lucille M Schacht, PhD, NRI Behavioral Healthcare Performance Measurement System • 209 Madison St., Suite 401, Alexandria, VA 22314 • Phone: (703) 682-9475 • Web:, E-mail:

  3. Performance Measurement • Performance Measurement Systems • Facilitate performance improvement • Generate internal and external comparisons • Transmit performance measure data • Ensure • Data integrity • Data quality • Abstraction processes • Data reporting • Education From The Joint Commission Website

  4. Working With Performance Measurement Systems • Don’t Delay! • The collection and use of patient level data can be complicated and overwhelming • Core Measures collection may require additional resources or resource reallocation • Start early • Vendors can help you prepare

  5. Working With Performance Measurement Systems • Selecting Vendors • All vendors will meet basic Joint Commission requirements. Vendors may collect additional information to provide “added value”. • Vendors may have additional reports or data “views” available. • Vendors may provide user groups or other support to assist with data collection, outcomes comprehension or communication.

  6. Working With Performance Measurement Systems • Experience • Does your vendor have experience with the HBIPS Core Measures processes? • Does your vendor have experience with behavioral health measure collection and reporting? • Does your vendor know of other potential initiatives involving collection of data and reporting of data?

  7. Working With Performance Measurement Systems • Reporting • Are the reports they provide useful for internal and external comparative analysis on a timely basis? • Are reports real-time and flexible for drill through and in-depth analytics? • Is there availability of graphing to display facility and national data?

  8. Working With Performance Measurement Systems • Services • Do they have personalized and dedicated support with continuing education? • Do they offer User Groups? • Are there other networking opportunities and education forums?

  9. Challenges & Successful Strategies in Health Care Organizations During Implementation

  10. Documentation • Challenges • Clarity and ease of data abstraction • Compliance (if you build it will they come?) • Challenges with e-documentation • Successful Strategies • Documentation redesign. New data capture methods that eased the data collection burden • Providing triggers or key phrases

  11. Data Element Definitions • Challenges • Related to documentation • Figuring out how to interpret the specifics of the definitions • Clinical knowledge • Successful Strategies: • Definitions need to be applied to the clinical process • Using both narrative and “check boxes” to keep the contextual information readily available

  12. Availability of Resources • Challenges: • Time allocation for abstraction and verification • Training clinicians and care workers on required terminology • Successful Strategies: • Incorporate into established workflows

  13. Technical Problems / Abstraction Processes • Challenges: • Data collection • Coding • Data submission / mapping • Successful Strategies: • Formulating techniques to capitalize on efficiency opportunities • Existing audit abstraction processes / Electronic Medical Record

  14. After Implementation • Public Reporting • Data Reporting and Moving Targets • Planning Improvements

  15. Vendor Recommended “Best Practices” • Revise documentation to increase accuracy • Review documentation with your vendor • Communicate with your vendor early and often • Collect more than the Core Measures minimum

  16. Vendor Recommended “Best Practices” (continued) • Share your data across all levels of staff • Create communication tools for staff to use during surveys • Submit data in a timely fashion • Respond to Vendor inquiries – we’re trying to help you look good!