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  1. NMRide.net A web-based tool for connecting carpoolers Janie McNabb, Community Relations Coordinator NWM Council of Governments

  2. Transportation Barriers • Population dispersal across relatively large geographic area • People with low incomes live outside urban centers • People with low incomes have difficulty with reliable transportation

  3. Transportation Barriers • Employers identify poor attendance and/or punctuality as a primary reason for termination – much of which is caused by lack of reliable transportation (source: Poverty Reduction Initiative Employer Survey, 2005)

  4. Northwest Michigan Transportation Alliance (NMTA) • NMTA was created to address transportation barriers and increase options • Collaboration of more than 20 human services agencies • One full-time staff person supplied by BATA • Non-emergency health ride

  5. NMTA – Employment & Training • Focus on transportation for Employment & Training purposes • Carpooling was identified as feasible option • How to connect riders and drivers?

  6. Ride Share Web site • Central location for carpoolers to connect • Connections made that otherwise would not be made • Low administrative overhead (versus a call center) • One more tool in transportation options “toolbox”

  7. Ride Share Web Site • Met with local employers for feedback • Employers supported idea • NWM Council of Governments offered to create and maintain web site • NMRide.net

  8. Challenges – Security Fears • Personal information on the Internet • Hid address information from public; contact is made via email • Carpooling with strangers • Safety tips: meet in public place, etc. • Release of liability disclaimer in User Agreement • Must agree when self-registering

  9. Challenges - technical • How to Use this Site page • Terminology used on site • Made it clear, easy to understand • Form should be easy to fill out • Place names and addresses • Visuals • Maps

  10. NMRide.net

  11. Challenges - current • Lack of use • Promotion • How to deal with feedback and implementation of suggested changes