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Vision of a Visionary

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Vision of a Visionary

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  1. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY Vision of a Visionary • “The vision of legal community for the 21st century is to aid the dynamic development process with a close interaction with Science and Technology with an ethical approach.” • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

  2. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY • We have a vision… • to fulfill the dreams of litigants by making Judicial Delivery System • Speedier • Affordable • Accessible • Transparent and • Accountable • by enhancing judicial productivity both qualitatively and quantitatively

  3. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY • For Judiciary to fulfill this vision, it needs to • Re-engineering the process by synergizing Science and Technology • Optimize use of Human resources • Bring about change management by harnessing the potentiality of Information and Communication Technology

  4. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY The journey of Computerization began in 1995-96 of Gujarat High Court as well as of District Courts in a phased manner • Beginning with Unixware(1.0) operating system on servers and dumb terminals at end user level For handling voluminous data in an efficient and secured manner, option of stable platform is: • Linux OS with Oracle RDBMS for High Court • LAMP (Linux/ Apache/ Mysql/ PhP) technology for District Courts ( Total Cost of Ownership limited to Hardware)

  5. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY ADVANTAGES • Retrieval and synchronization made easy and manageable by standardized coding • Usage of unique Advocate Code checks the legitimacy of practicing advocate. • Auto generated data for all prescribed Registers, processes and monitoring of service • Data updations, Daily Cause list and Orders & Judgments through web link on daily basis. • Grouping and bunching of cases for speedier disposal • Maintaining court dairy


  7. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY PUBLIC ORIENTED SERVICES Case Status having full Case Information at nominal charge per query at Inquiry Counter Case Status queried per day - 300

  8. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY PUBLIC ORIENTED SERVICES • Simple Copy of Orders/ Judgments • Issued to the public soon after signed by the Hon’ble Judge at nominal charge per page at Inquiry Counter Average Nos. of Orders/ Judgments issued : 200 Revenue Collected during the year 2008: Rs.15,77,038/- Revenue Collected during the year 2009: Rs.8,61,025/-

  9. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY PUBLIC ORIENTED SERVICES To know the Case Status on mobile For High Court ghcs <Caseside> <Casetype> <CaseNumber> <Caseyear> to 56767 For City Civil Court, Ahmedabad cccs <Caseside> <Casetype> <CaseNumber> <Caseyear> to 56767 For District Court, Rajkot Raj rajd <Caseside> <Casetype> <CaseNumber> <Caseyear> to 56767 SMS (Short Message Service)`

  10. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY PUBLIC ORIENTED SERVICES • IVR System (Interactive Voice Response) For knowing Case Status through telephone IVR Nos.: (079) 27664463, 27664465, 27664468 and 27664473

  11. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY PUBLIC ORIENTED SERVICES • Certified Copy • Litigants/Advocates get auto generated copy on the next working day after the order gets signed by the Hon’ble Judge (s)

  12. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY PUBLIC ORIENTED SERVICES • Certified Copy • No. of Application received • average per day - 200 • In 2008 - 61402 • No. of Application Disposed off • average per day - 234 • In 2008 - 75110

  13. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY PUBLIC ORIENTED SERVICES Web service: ( • Case Status • Available in the late evening every office working day • Orders/Judgments • Once transferred, available in the late evening of the same day • Free Text Search in Orders/Judgments • Roster Management • List of Classification Codes • Average Hit per day: 6350

  14. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY ADVOCATE ORIENTED SERVICES • Advocate-wise Cause List - • having Information of cases which are notified before the various courts with Stage & Board Serial Number

  15. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY ADVOCATE ORIENTED SERVICES • Advocate-wise Registered Papers - having Information of papers filed by an advocate at nominal rate for the particular period

  16. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY MONETARY EFFECT • Revenue of Rs.180 lacs collected through • Case Status • Simple copy of orders/judgments • Advocate-wise list of Registered papers • Advocate-wise cause list • Advocate-wise filing papers • Soft copy of Reportable Judgments to Reporters

  17. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY CLASSIFICATION OF CASES IN GUJARAT HIGH COURT • Six Digit subject-wise Classification Code • Bunching of cases filed before the High court, which helps in • Court Management & Case Management • Speedy disposal of cases • Roster Management


  19. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY Features of newly developed Web based software • Standardized common codification for the entire State • Advocate entry by Advocate Registration number (Sanad number) • Advocate-wise Cause List • Single installation can serve more than one establishment • Supports • Bilingual • multiple advocate entry • Online Caveat matching • Role and time based user permission • Online Case Status and Orders/Judgments

  20. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY Web Portal of Gujarat District Judiciary

  21. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY case status on web by: • Case Number • Party Name • Advocate Name

  22. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY Judgment in Local (Gujarati) language

  23. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY Court Cause List on the web

  24. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY Advocate wise Case List board

  25. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY Classification Code Gujarat pioneered in Three Level 10 Digit Classification Code, which consists of Act Code (in three characters all numeric) Chapter Code (in three characters – two numeric and one alphanumeric) and Section Code (in four characters three numeric and one alphanumeric) First Level relates to Act Code, Second Level relates to Chapter code and Third level related to Section code. Implemented in December 2008 in Gujarat District Judiciary

  26. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY Classification Code (Cont.) • ACT CODE SUMMARY: • Central (Civil) : 001 – 299 • Central (Criminal) : 300 – 499 • State (Civil) : 500 – 899 • State (Criminal) : 900 – 999

  27. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY video conferencing • From Jail to Court and visa versa. Facilitated in Courts at: • City Civil & Sessions Court, Ahmedabad • Rajkot • Vadodara • Surat • Jamnagar • Banaskantha at Palanpur • Porbandar • Junagadh • Bhavnagar • Mehsana • Ahmedabad (Rural)

  28. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY video conferencing (Cont.) • Benefits: • 23,223 accused produced before the court of law • Police deployment for mobilising production reduced considerably • Savings on • escort charges Rs.89,34,054/- • fuel charges Rs.2,02,250/- • Instances of accused escaping from custody substantially reduced. (Source – Gujarat State Police Department)

  29. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY REVAMPING • As a major of litigant centric module, on the 50th year of establishment of Gujarat High Court, revamping work conceived and started in November, 2008 for physical verification of all pending cases with a view to provide correct information to the public, which involves: • Updation of data in respective Register • Accomplishment of backlog entry of cases filed before computerization • Entering, Updating & Verification of data in computer • Classification/Codification of cases • Advantages • Bunching of cases • Roster Management for effective management • Creating information for Court Management and Case Management • Listing of old and unripe cases with advance notice to the advocates/litigants • Enable monitoring output of Judicial Departments of High Court and District Court.

  30. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY REVAMPING OF CASES IN GUJARAT HIGH COURT Outcome: • Revamped nearly 71,971 cases by verifying the relevant register • Pendency brought from 122843 to 87255

  31. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY REVAMPING OF CASES IN GUJARAT DISTRICT JUDICIARY Outcome: • Pendency brought from 24,27,020 to 23,17,592

  32. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY E-LIBRARY • For easy and instant access of leading legal databases for ascertaining the latest case law to enable the judges in deciding the cases. • Personal computer with printer and legal databases like AIR, GLR, GLH has been provided to all District Courts and Family Courts.

  33. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY • eCourts Mission Mode Project • Monitored by Department of Justice, • E-committee and NIC • work of setting up Computer Server Room & Judicial Service Centre at 246 sites reaching completion • Data feeding through CIS backlog module using Laptops distributed to Judicial Officers is also reaching completion

  34. A New Beginning Model E-Court ICT IN GUJARAT JUDICIARY The objective of the project is to setup a tamperproof, Secure & Integrated Courtroom Recording & Video Conferencing system for digitally storing the courtroom proceedings and hearings along with the retrieval and authentication system for the original content.

  35. Model E-Court (cont.) Witness Protection ICT IN GUJARAT JUDICIARY “The State has a definite role to play in protecting the witnesses…. As a protector of its citizens it has to ensure that during a trial in Court the witness could safely depose truth without any fear of being haunted by those against whom he has deposed.” Supreme Court of India in Zahira Habibulla v. State of Gujarat

  36. Model E-Court (cont.) Legal Basis - India ICT IN GUJARAT JUDICIARY CrPC 167 as amended w.e.f 16/8/2003 Production of accused through medium electronic video linkage made possible by this amendment CrPC 273 Recording of evidence through video conferencing amounts to recording in “presence” of accused meets the requirement of CrPC 273 (AIR 2003 SC 2053 State of Maharashtra v. Praful V. Desai) Inter State Case Transfer The trial of the accused in interstate transfer case shall continue without his physical presence by the Court dispensing such presence and to the extent possible shall be conducted with the aid of video conferencing. (Kalyanchandra Sarkar v. Rajesh Ranjan a/s. Pappu Yadav AIR 2005 SC 972)

  37. Features Model E-Court (cont.) ICT IN GUJARAT JUDICIARY ` Courtroom with Tamperproof facilities of Audio Recording & Video Conferencing Video Recording Auto Digital Archiving

  38. Features (contd..) Model E-Court (cont.) ICT IN GUJARAT JUDICIARY Courtroom with Tamperproof facilities of Videoconferencing has allowed testimony to be used for individuals who are not able to attend the physical legal settings. In a military investigation in North Carolina, Afghan witnesses have testified using videoconferencing.

  39. Project Partners Model E-Court (cont.) ICT IN GUJARAT JUDICIARY DFS: Directorate of Forensics Sciences (Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India) & DFS GUJARAT: Directorate of Forensics Science, Gujarat ( Govt. of Gujarat) Vision of TIFAC: Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council (Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India) Funded by CDAC: Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (Under Department of Information Technology, MCIT, Govt. of India) Developed & Implemented by High Court of Gujarat, Sola (Govt. of Gujarat) and City Civil Court, Ahmedabad End User

  40. Placement Model E-Court (cont.) ICT IN GUJARAT JUDICIARY

  41. Benefits Model E-Court (cont.) ICT IN GUJARAT JUDICIARY • Playback live proceedings by court audience. • Allows judges to see recording of proceeding for review • Educate judicial officers & Train courtroom personnel by using live proceedings. • Playback statements of prosecutors & those of defendants’ when disputes arise. • For use by Judges to review pronouncement of sentence. • Case management tool for use by judge to replay why case was rescheduled last time. • For trial of perjury ,to refresh a judge's recollection when witness turns hostile . • Use as a backup by court officers who missed a word or statement. • Allows successors to have a complete and holistic picture of recorded evidence. • Appellate forum to have a clear idea of trial .

  42. Security Model E-Court (cont.) ICT IN GUJARAT JUDICIARY • Tamperproof • Proprietary unique codec is incorporated • Watermarking on Video files • No Delete/cut/edit option • Secure • MD-5 encrypted password • SQL Server 2000 with full Security • Application mapped with Machine IDs like IP/MAC

  43. Further Scope Model E-Court (cont.) ICT IN GUJARAT JUDICIARY • 3rd party audit of software • Biometric access control system for application login • Use of document visualiser • Option of conversion of deposition from speech to text • Integration of the system & database with NIC courtroom application • Keyboard for advocates in the courtroom to type their written submissions during the proceedings • Information Kiosk for litigants, advocates etc.

  44. Roadmap Ahead ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY • Tracking of issuance of service of summons • Access to International Database • Feedback Reports • Legal Info Database • Digitization of old records • Kiosk • E-mail / SMS alerts for case status • E-filing • Online Query for precedent, citation, statutes etc. • Online filing through community service center • Electronic issue of Notice / process using digital signature • E-learning • Web casting

  45. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY • “If I am authorized, I shall remove the word ‘Impossible’ from dictionary.” • -Wernher Von Braun • Leading German American Rocket Physicist & Astronautics Engineer of 20th Century

  46. ICT INGUJARATJUDICIARY Sometimes you just have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down ! - Kobi Yamada