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Program Seats

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Program Seats

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  1. Program Chairs Gregory Abowd, Georgia Tech John Krumm Microsoft Research Aruna Seneviratne, U. of New South Wales • Call for papers • Assemble program committee • Oversee reviewing • Run program committee meeting John Krumm, Microsoft Research Make remarks at conference opening

  2. Program Committee 40 PC members selected by PC chairs Program committee subfields

  3. Reviewing • 150 papers submitted, author selected experience, sensors, and systems subfields • Each paper reviewed by two PC members plus outside reviewers • Some quick-rejected based on scope or quality • 234 reviewers • Average of 3.97 reviews for each non-quick-rejected paper Submission Subfields

  4. PC Meeting Toronto, Canada May 11-12, preceding Pervasive 2007 Experience Sensors Systems

  5. Split PC Impressions • Split into three subfields to: • Handle large PC and potentially large number of submissions in 1.5-day PC meeting • Enable deeper discussions among experts in each subfield Comments on Split PC

  6. Acceptance Statistics • 29 of 150 papers accepted (19%) • No quota set for acceptances in each area other than goal of rough balance

  7. Author Statistics • 508 authors submitted 150 papers (3.4 authors/paper) • 114 authors on 29 accepted papers (3.9 authors/paper)

  8. Thank You • Program Committee • Reviewers • Authors