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STANEVAL Acing Your Check Ride PowerPoint Presentation
STANEVAL Acing Your Check Ride

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STANEVAL Acing Your Check Ride

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  1. STANEVALAcing Your Check Ride Capt Don Davidson, Jr. NH Wing CAP, DOV

  2. Agenda • Background • What is STANEVAL • CAPR 60-1 • NH 60-1 Supplement • Preparing for Your Check Ride • Pre-Flight • Taking The Ride • Post Flight • Instructors and Check Pilots • Questions

  3. Personal Background • 11 Year Employee at BAE Systems • Engineering Manager for RF Countermeasure Systems • >25 Years Flight Experience • ATP/CFII/MEI, ~4300 Hours • G/A, Corporate and Airline Experience • Eastern, Gulfstream International • CAP Member Since 2004 • NH Wing Stan-Eval Officer (DOV) • Primary G-1000 and GA-8 Instructor/Check Airman • G-1000 Cessna FAA Industry Training Standards (FITS) Accepted Instructor (CFAI) • Received and Ferried NH Wing G-1000 Aircraft • Received and Ferried NH Based GA-8 Aircraft

  4. STANEVAL • Standardization and Evaluation (DOV) • Reports to Director of Operations (DO) • STANEVAL Officer Responsibilities Include: • CAP Check Pilot • Managing Aircrew Standardization and Evaluation • Develop and Implement a CAP Check Pilot Program • Evaluate Training Procedures and Techniques • Coordinate With All Instructors/Check Pilots • Evaluate Aircrew Techniques and Ability • Conduct Check Rides • Perform Spot Evaluations (More to Come) • Review Evaluation Data For Trends Indicating Program Modifications

  5. CAPR 60-1 • Purpose • Responsibilities with Regards to Control and Management of CAP Flying Programs, Aircraft and Aircrews • Forms Cornerstone of CAP Flying Program • Current Version • 7 Dec 06 with Change 1 (23 Jan 07) • New/Revised Material Identified In Shaded Regions • All Pilots Must Be Familiar With Regulations Outlined In 60-1 • Will Be Covered During CAPF 5 Oral Discussion • Must Acknowledge Ownership of Current 60-1 • IF NO, Expect Thorough Examination of 60-1 Knowledge

  6. 60-1 Key Changes • GA8 and G1000 Qualifications • GA8: SAR/DR Mission Pilot, Commercial Pilot with Instrument Rating, Class II Medical, 500 Hours PIC • Pilot Flying Privileges • Changes Under Section 2-11: Suspension or Revocation of CAP Flying Privileges • Sterile Cockpit Procedures • Sterile Cockpit During Critical Phases of Flight • Taxi, Takeoff, Climb, Descent, Landing and High Density Operations • Mandatory Briefing Required • CAPF5 Written Exam Affectivity • Within 90 Days of Checkride • Aircraft Questionnaires Expire When Applicable CAPF5 Expires • AFROTC Cadet Orientation Pilot Requirements • Commercial, 300 hours PIC and Class II Medical Required • Mission Pilot Proficiency • Attachment 9-7 Added • Trend Analysis • Updated Mission Symbols

  7. NH 60-1 Supplement • Purpose: Provide Additional Flying Regulations Specific To The Wing • Currently Eight (8) NH Wing Specific Regulations • Effective 15 December 2006 • Aircraft Operation Approved Within 150 nm from CON Without Special Permission • Pilots Must Provide Required 60-1 Documents to DO • Hobbs and Tach Data Must Be Entered Into Flight Scheduler Pro Within 24 Hours Of Completion of Flight • Or Provided to DO (or Designee) • 100 Hour Inspection Rules/Restrictions • Prospective Mission Check Pilot Requirements • Required Use of Flight Scheduler Pro and Required Release by NH Wing FRO’s • Post Flight Contact of FRO Requirements • Fuel Slip Requirements

  8. Preparing for Your Check Ride • Complete CAPF 5 Written Exam • Good for 90 Days • Complete Appropriate Aircraft Questionnaires • If Initial – Specific Aircraft Only • If Annual – All Aircrafts Qualified • Complete Safety Compliance • Check Pilots Will Confirm Prior To Check Ride • Prepare CAP Form 5 • Not Required BUT It Shows Professionalism • Confirm All Documentation Available AND Current • CAP ID, Pilots License, Medical, 101 Card, etc. • Prepare Weight and Balance • Obtain Flight Release • Unless It Is your First CAP Check Ride, It Is Your Responsibility to Obtain the Release for the Flight • Reserve Aircraft • Review CURRENT CAPR 60-1!!!

  9. Pre-Flight Briefing • Arrive Early In Appropriate CAP Uniform • IF Possible, Obtain a Briefing Location and Have All of The Documentation Ready For the Check Pilot • CAP ID, Pilots License, 101 Card, Medical, CAPF 5 Written Exam, Aircraft Questionnaire(s), CAP Form 5, Weight and Balance, Currency Check (or Logbook) • Current Sectional(s) (NY Minimum) • If IFR, Current NE Approach Plates and LA Charts • Obtain WX Briefing • Relax!! • Participate in Oral Discussion – Check Pilot Will Review: • CAPF 5 Written Exam • CAPR 60-1 and NH 60-1 Supplement • Flight Release Procedures • CAPF 9 Requirements (Non CAP Member Passengers) • Local Procedures • Overview of Check Ride • Expectations

  10. The Ride • For All Phases of Flight – USE THE CHECKLIST!! • All CAP Check Pilots Will Look For This • Check Ride Will Cover Items Listed In CAP Form 5 • Ground Operations • Airport and Traffic Pattern Operations • Takeoff and Climb • Minimum of Three Take-offs • Cross Country Flying • Instrument Reference Maneuvers (ALL Pilots) • Airwork • Night Flying Ops (If Applicable) • Ground Reference Maneuvers • Emergency Procedures • Approaches and Landings • Minimum of Three Landings • SAFETY • Instrument Proficiency (IFR Only)

  11. Don’t Forget • Use Crew Resource Management Techniques Throughout Flight • The Check Pilot Is A Valid (and Valuable) Crewmember – USE HIM/HER • Unless Specified By Check Pilot • Ground Operation • Pilot/Co-Pilot Brake Check • Sterile Cockpit Briefing • Evacuation Briefing • Before Takeoff • Departure Briefing • Airport and Traffic Pattern • Use Pulse Lights • Airwork • Clearing Turns • Post Flight • Fuel Lever • Cowl Flaps (If Applicable) • Control Lock • Sun Visor • Propeller Position • Cowl Plugs, Pitot Cover, Tie-Downs

  12. Post Flight • The Check Pilot Will Conduct a Thorough Post Flight Briefing After Each Check Ride • Review Check Ride • Highlight Key Items • Positive and Negative • CAP Form 5 Will Be Completed • Check Pilot Will Sign and Date • Copy Will Be Provided to Pilot • Original Will Be Forwarded To DO For Signature and Filing • Optional Signoffs Will Be Completed • BFR (If Check Ride Conducted By CFI) • Wings Program • Logbook Endorsement • Instrument Proficiency Endorsement (If Check Ride Conducted By CFII) • Report Hobbs and Tach To FRO • Close Out Ticket In Flight Scheduler Pro

  13. NH Wing Instructors and Check Pilots Identified Under Special Pilot Appointments Latest Version – 01 March 07 Check Pilots (C-172, C-182, MT-7) COL Donald Davidson Sr. LTC Hans van den Biggelaar LTC David Carlson LTC Allegra Osborne (Excludes MT-7) CPT Donald Davidson, Jr. CPT Brian Riis Instructors (C-172, C-182) All Check Pilots Listed Above + CPT Cameron Thompson CPT Keith Merrick G1000 Instructors/Check Pilots COL Donald Davidson, Sr. CPT Donald Davidson, Jr. CPT Brian Riis GA8 Instructors/Check Pilots COL Donald Davidson, Sr. CPT Donald Davidson, Jr. Instructors and Check Pilots

  14. Useful Links • NH Wing STANEVAL Page • • CAPF 5 Procedures • • CAP Form 5, Aircraft Questionnaire • • NH Wing Aircraft Standardized Checklists • • Special Pilot Appointments • • Flight Release Officers • • Aircraft Weight and Balance Data •