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wisconsin army national guard n.
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Wisconsin Armed force National Gatekeeper PowerPoint Presentation
Wisconsin Armed force National Gatekeeper

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Wisconsin Armed force National Gatekeeper

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  1. Wisconsin Army National Guard BG Mark E. Anderson Assistant Adjutant General for Army

  2. Leadership Team CCWO – CW5 Lynn Ryan & CSM – CSM George Stopper CofS – COL Kevin Greenwood G1 – COL Mark Bruns SAO – COL Jeff Paulson G3 – COL Tim Lawson Surgeon – COL Ken Lee G4 – COL John Schroeder SOH – COL Shirley Kubiak SJA – COL Mike McKenna COL David Gault 32nd IBCT COL Steve Bensend CSM Ed Hansen 157th MEB COL Mark Michie CSM Brad Shields 64th TC COL Darrel Feucht CSM Jeff Mand 426th REG (Ldr) COL Kenneth Koon CSM Paul Easterday

  3. Health of the WIARNG WIARNG STRENGTH TOTALS DMOSQ (minus IET) is 94.65% #10 in the Nation (Nat’l Ave is 92.01%)

  4. Officer Accessions

  5. 32nd Brigade Combat Team (+): MISSION: OIF WELCOME HOME! 257th BSB - 108th FSC - BTRY A 121 FA - 829th En Co 32nd MP Co - 1158th Trans Co RCAG Embedded Training Team (Afghan National Army) MISSION: OEF WELCOME HOME! 732nd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion: MISSION: OIF MOBDATE: APR 2009 PAX: 85 724th Engineer Battalion: MISSION: OIF MOBDATE: MAR 2010 PAX: 522* 950th En Co 273th En Co 1013rd En Co (PR) 228th En Co (PA) 147th Aviation Battalion: MISSION: OIF MOBDATE: Summer 2010 PAX: WIARNG OCO Mission Support

  6. WIARNG Major Fieldings • 32nd IBCT – Shadow TUAS Platoon • NET/Fielding in Nov 2009 • Stationed at Camp Williams/Volk Field • 832nd Med Co Conversion • UH60 A/L fielding complete • New unit configuration • Det 1 C, 2-135 • F Co (-), 2-238 • 1-121st FA • HIMARS vs MLRS