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territory of your possibilities l.
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Region of your conceivable outcomes! PowerPoint Presentation
Region of your conceivable outcomes!

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Region of your conceivable outcomes!

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  1. «DAMU ALMATY» Industrial-logistics park Territory of your possibilities! september 2009

  2. Industrial-logistics park «Damu-Almaty»:Vision and Mission Statement Vision: To serve our clients as a business partner through a global network. Mission Statement: To improve the competitive position of our clients, to realize profitable growth, and to be an attractive employer for enthusiastic employees with an open mind for changes.

  3. Industrial-logistics park «Damu-Aktobe»: Conception Industrial-logistics park Industrial park Logistics park 2. Managing Company 1. Complex of class “A” warehouses 2.Customs zone 3. Complex of transport services • Industrial Platforms

  4. Industrial park «Damu-Aktobe»:1. Industrial platforms The purpose – creation of as much as possible favorable conditions for your business! • Fire distinguishing reservoirs • Electrical supply (30 МW) • water supply • Territory fencing, including electric lighting around the territory • Telecommunications networks (internet) • Gas supply

  5. Industrial park:Industrial platforms The variant of the best and an effective utilisation of the commercial real estate is determined by following factors : Resource quality of a site Legal validity Site potential

  6. Industrial park «Damu-Almaty»:Site potential • Location: Industrial zone • Highways • Railways • Remoteness from the city: 7 km БАКАД (Большая Алматинская Кольцевая Авто Дорога)

  7. Industrial park «Damu-Almaty»:Legal validity • Total area– 240 ha. • The ground areas for target purpose are exposed on sale : • for building (construction) and handling of manufacturing bases and wаrehouses. • Divisibility of the plot of land – from 1 ha to 10 ha • Issue of technical specifications • Granting of points to the engineering network (industrial allotment) • Positive conclusion of SES (Sanitary and Epidemiological Station) • Possibility to establish proper dead-end track • Access to all infrastructure objects • Possibility to use finished projects of buildings and constructions • Possibility to obtain the tariff preferences on the basis of the investment projects for small and medium business. 2ha 4ha 6 hа

  8. Industrial park «Damu-Aktobe»:resource quality of a site • Topographical shooting of the ground area is carried out, working on geology • The soil analysis of the ground is already carried out - layer 0,30 m • Groundwater line under a site is about 2.5 m • Soil – hard loam • MPE – maximum permissible emissions in norm (normal) • There is no any necessity for ground area alignment • There is no any radiation risk • Positive conclusion of SES (Sanitary and Epidemiological Station), environmental impact statement 8

  9. Industrial park:Some of our clients Proud to be of service to……..

  10. Industrial park «Damu-Aktobe» We are your business partner! July, 2009 г. November, 2008 г.