P ursuing to C ause a C hange in P eoples' lives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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P ursuing to C ause a C hange in P eoples' lives PowerPoint Presentation
P ursuing to C ause a C hange in P eoples' lives

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P ursuing to C ause a C hange in P eoples' lives

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  1. Pursuing to Cause a Change in Peoples’ lives… An Introduction Mission:Empower advisors to assist clients in wealth creation through Right Selling . Purpose:To convert people into better business personalities & achieve success.

  2. Our focus: All the stages of a growing personality Gurukul Training Solutions Business Planning & Strategizing Growth / Career Stage Team & Employee Management Adv. Advisory / Fin. Planning Soft Skills & Personality Sales & Motivation Products & Markets Basic Certifications, AMFI, etc. People Experience / Seniority

  3. Our new initiative • NJ Gurukul with the experience of: • Imparting trainings for FP based advisory to IFAs • Has now become an Education Provider to offer “Certified Financial Planner” course.

  4. What is CFP? • Is an Internationally acclaimed highest certification course in Financial Planning from FPSB India (Financial Planning Standards Board India). • It is a comprehensive skill development program to equip participants to offer authentic Financial Plans. • FPSB follows 4 Es as guiding principles world wide: • Education. Examination, Experience Ethics. • In a way it is a “right means for the desired end” • On enrollment with FPSB, one gets access to their sitewww.fpsbindia.org & subscription to CFP journal.

  5. Why CFP? There are <1000…CFPs in India, Required by 2010, 1.5 lac CFPs Source: fpsbindia.org • There is a huge scope of career in Financial planning. • Internationally, the concept of managing finances through informed advice is the in-thing. • Countries like Australia, USA have made it mandatory to be professionally qualified to offer advice. • Shortly in India we may well have legislation on this. • Professionally qualified advisors are in high demand. • “To be CFP in it self is a great motivator”.

  6. For whom? • Employees: • AMC Employees • Bank Employees • Insurance Employees • Corporate Employees • Associates and Advisors • Indirect Employees • Professionals (CA, CFA, Tax consultants) • Students

  7. How will I be benefited from this program? • You become a light house. (Self illuminated Expert in financial planning based advisory) • You attain a global position for yourself. • You join an elite group in the Financial world. • You move ahead of the increasing competition. • You get preference for coveted positions with reputed organizations.

  8. In tough times, how will I be benefited? • Sound financial advice is the key to “CRM”. • To offer sound advice, an advisor must possess knowledge. • At such times investors assess the difference between proficiency of the advisors and its implications. • Hence tough times justify the course need. • CFP gives the edge to place oneself at a higher pedestal.

  9. Eligibility criteria Higher Secondary and above. With requisite experience

  10. Will it help me even if I am not from Finance back ground ? Science • It does not matter even if you are from a different background. • This course will: • Give in-depth knowledge on the modules. • Sharpen skills to excel in Financial Plans. • People from Engineering & Science with knack for numbers have excelled in this program & in the advisory field as well. Art Commerce

  11. Is the course only in English or is there any option? • Being an internationally acclaimed course it is run in English. • However, Class room coaching, will give adequate subject clarity . • Objective type examination reduces the complexity of language barrier.

  12. What is the course syllabus? • CFP - Education Programme Syllabus: Introduction to Financial Planning & • Module I - Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning • Module II-Retirement Planning & Employees Benefits  • Module III-Investment Planning • Module IV- Tax Planning & Estate Planning • Module V-Advanced Financial Planning 

  13. Who are the Facilitators for the course? • The course is being steered by a qualified CFP with a passion to spread CFP education. • Excellent successful professionals right for the specific modules. • Experienced team to facilitate case-studies. • Effective team to help in reference reading.

  14. What is the time needed to complete the course? With focused efforts it can be completed in a year. However in any case it has to be completed within 7 years of enrollment.

  15. How would the course be run? • After registration we will: • Coach you module by module. • Give class room coaching of 40 hrs/module. • Classes of 2 hours per day for 5 days/week. • Sharpen you through case studies. • Build your confidence through mock tests.

  16. What is the registration procedure? • You enroll with us & we will: • Get you registered with FPSB India. • Provide you the course material. • In addition, we also provide: • Detailed Work-books. • Case studies. • Reference material. • Online mock tests facilities. • Access to library. • Internet access for course preparation.

  17. Why Regular CFP & not the Challenger Status? • Yes Challenger status can be availed. • But in the regular course you refresh all the aspects step by step for better clarity. • You would also benefit immensely from: • Phase wise preparation. • Class room coaching. • Lot of case studies and group discussions

  18. Why regular course if I can myself study and clear it? • Of course you can study on your own and clear the examination • But assistance from Gurukul in terms of: • Class Room coaching • Infrastructural support learning • Interaction/case studies with batch mates • Will increase the chances of your success with your commitment.

  19. Why through NJ Gurukul? • NJ Gurukul will understand your input needs and: • Give concept clarity over bookish knowledge. • Give sieved content for easy understanding. • Give you case studies, exercises and on line mock tests, & build your confidence. • Following give us the edge over any other education provider in the country: • Passion to be the best EP in 3 years with the highest pass %. • Pioneer in Surat, of CFP course. • Proven record of Training over 18K IFAs. • Promoting Financial planning as a concept.

  20. Can multiple modules be studies together? • Yes they can be studied. • Right now we will focus on the single module coverage. • Thus it will be desirable to focus on the current module to have better insight. • In due course, options would be explored.

  21. Will AFP in one or two related modules not suffice? • Yes surely • Its great that you are planning to do some modules. • Be confident to clear the whole course & get the expertise of CFP, against some module specific certification. • People say it right “Nishan Chuk Maaf, pan Nahi Maaf Nichu Nishaan”

  22. At this age not sure to study so much & clear the exam! • Why do you under estimate your self? • Your hard work has brought you this success. • Remain interested to achieve this big thing. • Gurukul is there to assist you effectively. • You will have an inspiring achievement.

  23. Career Options at large • Sales of financial products • Bank • Asset management company • Life Insurance • Share brokers • Portfolio manager • Training • Research • Financial planning • Journalism • Academics

  24. Will Gurukul help in placement after clearing CFP? • Surely • Gurukul would arrange campus selection opportunities. • Provide references of some leading AMC and Organizations who are looking forward to have such qualified people. • Gurukul will also explore with M/S NJ India Invest about the possibilities of placement of some candidates.

  25. Will this be helpful to me if I move abroad? • Surely.. • This course is recognized in 20 major countries of the world. • You can have a respectable career option for your self abroad.

  26. What is the course fee & payment pattern? • Rupees:55000/- (fifty five thousand) only, for specified coaching on the modules. • We accept local cheques & DD. • Towards FPSB payments, DD drawn in their favour is needed.

  27. Any extra costs? • Not with NJ Gurukul. • You will have to pay the registration fee to FPSB Rupees7,500/- only • Examination fee @1500/- per module for the first four modules and Rupees 5000/- for the last module. • In case if all the modules are not cleared in one year, re-registration fee of Rupees 10,000/- will be charged by FPSB.

  28. What is the Examination pattern? • The Tests are objective type with no negative marking. • The first exam can be given after 60 days of registration with FPSB. • Examinations are conducted by NSE online.. • Candidates can give the test as per their convenience for the first four modules. • For the last module concurrence from FPSB is needed.

  29. Why so many people register and do not clear the final CFP? • Some: • Commit error in self assessment. • Only depend on material sent by EP. • Miss the case-studies for right insight. • Face impact of missing mock tests.

  30. Can we go to next module without clearing the current one? Yes !!

  31. To conclude… We assist you in… Prestigious Certification Higher status Self Realization Improved self Image Competence / confidence Goal Achievements Authority Revenue enhancement Level enhancement High End clients Penetration Profile Shift You receive …

  32. Thank you.

  33. Disclaimer: • This information package is prepared by NJ Gurukul on confidential basis. The contents, information of this package may not be disclosed, reproduced or used in whole or in part for any purpose or furnished to any other persons without the prior written permission of NJ IndiaInvest. • No representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made nor is any responsibility of any kind accepted with respect to the completeness or accuracy of any information. NJ Gurukul and its directors, employees, agents and consultants shall have no liability (including liability to any person by reason of negligence or negligent misstatement) for any statements, opinions, information or matters (expressed or implied) arising out of, contained in or derived from, or for any omissions from the package. • Recipients of the package are requested to always refer official publications, regulations, etc and other official publications by the concerned authorities on the subject matter covered in this presentation. • Recipients of the package should make their own independent evaluations and investigation and should check the accuracy, reliability & completeness of the information and obtain independent & specific advice from appropriate persons they may deem fit. • Charges mentioned in this presentation are subject to changes as per the revised decision of NJ Gurukul from time to time. All rights reserved with NJ Gurukul.