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Mass of St Francis PowerPoint Presentation
Mass of St Francis

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Mass of St Francis

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  1. A resource for schools introducing a Mass Setting of the new translation of the Roman Missal Prepared by James Long CaSPA Music Adviser Mass of St Francis Composed by Paul Taylor

  2. Why the Mass of St Francis? • Simple elegance • Key is appropriate for a variety of voice types • The range is not extreme – one octave • Organ accompaniment is simple and playable guitar chords are included • Uses call and response • Melodies use repetition and simple steps and leaps • The rhythm of the lyric setting is appropriate and • Can be expanded for choir and other instrumentalists • This is an original setting of the Mass

  3. Lord Have Mercy

  4. Glory to God

  5. Glory to God

  6. Glory to God

  7. Glory to God

  8. Glory to God

  9. Glory to God

  10. Glory to God

  11. Glory to God

  12. Glory to God

  13. Glory to God

  14. Glory to God

  15. Holy, Holy, Holy

  16. Memorial Acclamation 1

  17. Memorial Acclamation 2

  18. Memorial Acclamation 3

  19. Amen

  20. Lamb of God

  21. Lamb of God

  22. Lamb of God

  23. Chants

  24. Mass of St Francis Paul Taylor