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Worker Inspiration

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  1. Employee Motivation Norma Murphy DPPEA 4/16/02

  2. What is Motivation…. • A need or desire that causes a person to act; to have initiative, spirit or be enterprising • Employer’s Point of View: • Productivity • Paycheck • Job Satisfaction

  3. Employee’s Personal Motivation • We are making a contribution • Supervisor’s praise • Respect of colleagues and peers • Being informed of happenings • Having meaningful & interesting work

  4. How to Motivate Employees • Track project results & celebrate milestones (keep yourself informed of progress) • Give support and accolades when deserved • Gain respect of peers by …….. • Providing diversity if possible, cross-training • Just ask them …………

  5. Free candy Paycheck Opportunity to do good Work with professionals Good for the environment Fulfilling job Peer recognition Project work Like people & work Diversity in job Field opportunities DPPEA Staff Motivators

  6. DPPEA Staff Non-Motivators • No windows in offices • “Dangerous” carpet • Building safety issues • Decreasing benefits • Too much red tape and bureaucracy

  7. Top Ten Motivators • Thanks personally, timely, often & sincerely • Take time to meet and listen to staff • Provide feedback • Encourage new ideas and initiative • Explain how employee fits into organization’s plans • Involve employees in decisions • Provide ownership in their work • Recognize, reward, and promote based on performance • Give chance to learn new skills • Celebrate successes!!!!