Consolidated Future State UW-Framework Mischance Reporting Process September 8-9, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Consolidated Future State UW-Framework Mischance Reporting Process September 8-9, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
Consolidated Future State UW-Framework Mischance Reporting Process September 8-9, 2010

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Consolidated Future State UW-Framework Mischance Reporting Process September 8-9, 2010

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  1. Combined Future State UW-System Accident Reporting Process September 8-9, 2010

  2. Future State Mapping Team

  3. Current State Mapping Team

  4. Project Scope Examine and Redesign the Accident Reporting Process from the point the work related injury occurs to when the paperwork has been filed with UW System and Department of Workforce Development (DWD) and injured employee has satisfaction of bills and lost time related to the injury.

  5. Combine Campus Objectives • To educate ourselves and our staff about what the process is today and could be • Streamline the process so that the employees & supervisors understand what the process is and what they need to do in this process. • Satisfy the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) time requirements to submit paperwork.

  6. Combine Campus Objectives • To be proactive in improving the efficiency of our cumbersome process • Clearly define Safety Coordinators and designees

  7. What We Hope To Achieve • Injured employee has timely satisfaction of Bills and Leave time related to the injury • Less frustration for the injured employee • Improve communication back to the employee where their claim and benefits are in this process. • Improve payment times to Medical providers • Consistently meet reporting requirements set by DWD

  8. What We Hope To Achieve • Remove the redundancy of the information currently required on the forms • Reduce the number of forms needed, Possibly consolidate four forms into two • Ability to fill out documents electronically • Examine all of the forms and their purposes • Clarification of what specific information is necessary to capture on each of the forms.

  9. What We Hope To Achieve • Have a clear set of instructions around this process and routing required. • Provide & ensure training of all employees and supervisors on the accident reporting process to follow after an injury has taken place. • Educate all employees on the importance of this process; the urgency of accident notification to supervisor (both regular and off hours), immediate accident investigation and completion of all forms.

  10. What We Hope To Achieve • Improve training of employees regarding work rules surrounding accidents, return to work, time off. • Have a backup plan in the event the supervisor is not available for the employee to report accident and complete the forms. • Better understanding for who is responsible for each part of this process.

  11. What We Hope To Achieve • Make it easy and “safe” for an employee to report an accident to a supervisor • Improve accident investigation by clarifying roles and providing training for Supervisors or Safety Coordinators on accident prevention and analysis. • Reduce the potential injuries from occurring • Eliminate the “Black Hole” after forms are sent to UWSA.

  12. What We Hope To Achieve • Better understanding and defining legal obligations

  13. UW-Green Bay Current State

  14. UW-Colleges Current State

  15. UW-River Falls Current State

  16. UW-Extension Current State

  17. UW-Stout Current State

  18. Current State Highlights • Lead times averages vary from 6.6 days to 21 days to get all of the original 4 forms to UWSA • There are currently unknown timeframes that occur from a campus viewpoint after the handoff of the paperwork to UWSA • UW System participated with UWRF and that information is reflected on that map

  19. Best Practices • System-wide training to supervisors and employees on Accident Reporting process and roles • Initial training to bring everyone to same level of knowledge. • Recurring/ongoing training • Notify provider that this is a WC injury • Body diagram on Form 1 describing injury location

  20. Best Practices • System-wide training for supervisors & designated Safety Coordinators for accident investigation and injury prevention • Easy online access to forms • Consolidate the forms • Assign backups for Supervisors, Workers Comp and Safety Coordinators • Complete and submit the forms electronically (Scanned or Faxed)

  21. Best Practices • Provide prompt feedback to the employee and supervisor on claim status • Reduce coding errors and duplication of effort around coding currently between campus and UWSA (generic code to enter into STARS, UWSA codes once, more consistently)

  22. Best Practices • Accident Response Team (ART = Employee, Supervisor, Safety Manager and possibly WCC) concept for quicker and more accurate Accident Reporting • More effective time sheet reporting for “Lost Time” (SL-WC or VN-WC) • Include Workers Comp reporting in HRS • Document scanning software (ImageNow, Workflow eliminate duplicate file copies)

  23. Best Practices • Clear definition of UWSA requirements, timelines, critical forms, critical information • Online handbook • Clarify the definition of “OSHA Recordable” injury • Clarify & disseminate the definition of “Reportable” accident (Everything reported)

  24. Best Practices • Eliminate the duplicate effort of campuses supplying hourly wage and annual gross information on Form 2 and UWSA verifying that information. Supervisor and Employee still need to supply usual work schedule • Provide timely payment to Medical Providers • Educate employee to bring in bills they received • Priority of all to forward provider bills on to UWSA or Corvel

  25. Best Practices • Replace the employee’s Social Security # with the Employee ID # • Make Safety a top priority to everyone in the organization and improve the awareness of safe practices holding all employees accountable for failure to do so.

  26. Combine Future State

  27. Combine Future State

  28. Future State Action Items Priority 1 items are within 3 months. Priority 2 items are within 6 months.

  29. Future State Action Items

  30. Future Considerations • Remove the need for Social Security # on forms and the State STARS system. (Reduce risk of Identity Theft)

  31. Project Metrics & Goals UW-Green Bay

  32. Project Metrics & Goals UW-Colleges

  33. Project Metrics & Goals UW-River Falls

  34. Project Metrics & Goals UW-Extension

  35. Project Metrics & Goals UW- Stout

  36. Project Metrics & Goals UWSA – Lost Time Payment (time sheet to payment)

  37. Project Metrics & Goals UWSA – Medical Provider Bill Pay (receipt of bill to payment)

  38. Resources & Time How to accomplish the Future State? • Get management approval and continued support to go ahead with the improvement plan • Value Stream Manager to keep the Campus CBO updated on progress • Provide the time and resources to implement the changes • Allow the team time to meet on a regular basis to: • implement the remaining actions • drive continual improvement • DELIVER THE FUTURE STATE

  39. Thank You Questions?