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use of force in corrections l.
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Utilization of Power in Rectifications PowerPoint Presentation
Utilization of Power in Rectifications

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Utilization of Power in Rectifications

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  1. Use of Force in Corrections An Overview Gene Atherton Copyright, Gene Atherton, CCSG, LLC

  2. Elements of a Successful Use of Force Program – What does it Take ? • Concept of UOF as a “Program” not simply a task to be completed. • Administrative Oversight • Training • Policy • Force Technology • Philosophy/Attitude

  3. UOF Performance Measurement – What Does it Do ? • Leadership needs to know. Accountability. Obligation of program performance. UOF as a program. • Common Language • Deciding what to measure. • Passing scientific muster • Data management/critical connections with other information. Collection and reporting. • “Defining and Measuring Corrections Performance” Association of State Correctional Administrators. George and Camille Camp. A national perspective.

  4. UOF Research – Why Bother ? • USE OF FORCE Current Practice and Policy • “USE OF FORCE BY POLICE Overview of National and Local Data”, U.S. Department of Justice – Office of Justice Programs. • “Corrections Compendium Survey on Use of Force”

  5. What Happens When UOF Goes Wrong ? • People Get Hurt ? Why ? Too Much Force ? Too Little ? Can staff confidence and skills relate to this issue ? • How does it affect the organization when the use of force goes bad ? • Litigation ? Issue “de jour” of tort lawyers.

  6. Now and the Future • Best trained and prepared in the history of corrections to use force. • Successful implementation of a use of force program as a “model” for organization change/improvement. • Importance of what leaders say and do. • UOF “Program” accommodated by correctional systems (Safe Programs, Back to Basics, Staff Safety). • Leadership philosophy and systems for training, monitoring, and equipping. • Breakthroughs in technology • Best Practices