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MAT Paratransit for Persons with Inabilities PowerPoint Presentation
MAT Paratransit for Persons with Inabilities

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MAT Paratransit for Persons with Inabilities

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  1. MAT Paratransitfor Persons with Disabilities

  2. Who is Eligible • ADA Paratransit Eligible per Americans with Disabilities Act • Persons with disabilities who cannot ride MAT Fixed Routes independently • There are no age restrictions (accept for dependent children under age 7)

  3. Types of Eligibility • Fully eligible – permanently disabled and unable to travel independently • Conditionally eligible – can take certain trips • Seasonally eligible – usually anyone using a wheelchair is eligible when ice or snow is present • Temporarily eligible – surgery, accident

  4. Conditionally Eligible • Based on your mobility • Compared to using MAT Fixed Route • Sample conditions: • Distance to bus stop of more than 1 block • Temperature below 32 or above 80 • Bus is not accessible • Non-route trips (needs travel training)

  5. How to Apply • Fill out an application – available through the Transit Offices • Provide name of medical professional to verify disability • No cost for processing application • Takes approximately three weeks • May have temporary status while processing

  6. Special User Card • When certified as eligible, you will receive a Special User Card • Valid for 3 years • Any conditions will be printed on the card • Phone numbers to call for booking a ride are printed on the card

  7. Cost to Ride • Eligible Passenger $2.00 each way • Guests $2.00 each way • Personal Care Attendant FREE • Children under age 7 FREE • With Eligible Passenger • Coupons Book $40 (20 rides) • For cash payment, • exact fare required.

  8. Hours of Service • Monday-Friday 6 am to 10:15 pm • Saturday 7 am to 10:15 pm • Sunday 7 am to 5 pm • Fargo residents only may ride on Sunday • No Holiday Service

  9. Where You Can Travel • Fargo, ND • West Fargo, ND • Moorhead, MN • Dilworth, MN • No restrictions on trip purpose

  10. Scheduling a Ride • Call Reservationist at (701) 235-4464 • Office hours 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday • Call from 1 day to 1 week in advance • Same days rides will be accommodated as space allows • Answering machine on weekends and holidays for next-day service only

  11. Schedule a Ride • Tell Reservationist what time you need to arrive • Computer assists in selecting trips • May require arrival up to 1 hour early or late • Shared ride service

  12. Information Ready • Name of each eligible passenger • If PCA or guest will accompany passenger • Pick-up and destination address (specify door) • Time you need to arrive at destination • Return time • If driver assistance is required between building and bus • Telephone number

  13. Subscription Reservation • For rides regularly at the same time, place and day • Automatically books rides without calling • Restricted to only 50% of rides available per Federal regulation • Waiting lists established • Must cancel for vacations, sick, etc.

  14. Return Rides • Make your return ride reservation at the same time as you reserve your pick-up • Call if you will be delayed for a medical trip; however, we may not be able to accommodate return trip due to space availability • Do NOT call if you’re done early

  15. Canceling Rides & Penalties • Must cancel trip 2 HOURS before your pick-up time • If < 2 hours, considered a “no show” and must pay for the ride • 4 no shows in one month results in one-week suspension from service • Exceptions • Vehicle arrived more than 15 minutes late • Reason for no show is due to disability 2 Hours

  16. No Shows • If you do not show for your original pick-up, your return trip will automatically be cancelled. • Call the Reservationist if you still need your return ride • You must pay for the no show ride the next time you travel with MAT Paratransit

  17. Pick Up Procedures 15 MIN. • 15 Minute Window • When you schedule a pick up time, the bus may arrive 15 minutes early or late • This allows for time to load passengers, and deal with traffic congestion, trains, weather, etc. • Be ready at the door • Driver will sound horn and wait 5 minutes • May request driver assistance from door to bus

  18. Driver Assistance • Request driver assistance when you book your ride • Driver will come to the door and help you to the bus • Driver will only help through main door • Building must be wheelchair accessible (if passenger is in a wheelchair) • Driver will help with 1 package. • Guests and PCA’s are expected to assist

  19. Wheelchair Securements • Drivers utilize a lift for loading passengers in a wheelchair • 4 securements attach the chair to the floor • Seat belts are required on MAT Paratransit • Common wheelchairs will be accommodated

  20. Trip Denial • May not be able to deliver to some areas due to snow • Cannot back the bus in and out of driveways • May deny a ride if passenger is disorderly or a safety threat (including under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol)

  21. Personal Care Attendant • A PCA may be needed to assist you on the ride or at your destination • Examples: open doors, carry packages, push wheelchair, feed you, etc. • Medical professional must verify need for PCA • PCA rides free as a mobility aid • Special User Card must indicate YES to PCA

  22. Taking a Guest • Each passenger can have 1 person accompany them as a guest. More guests can ride if space is available. • Beginning and ending destination of the guests must be the same as the eligible passenger • Guests must pay a fare to ride