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tadao ando church of the light l.
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Tadao Ando Church of the Light PowerPoint Presentation
Tadao Ando Church of the Light

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Tadao Ando Church of the Light

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  1. Church of the Light Tadao AndoChurch of the Light

  2. Thesis Statement: The development of reinforced concrete enabled contemporary structures to have a variety of forms, ranging from simple to more complex. Consequently, in order for the structures to look simple, the complexity of the structural engineering is heightened.

  3. Background of Ando • Born in Osaka, Japan 1941 • Self-trained architect Traveled Europe, Africa, US • Early Influences Corbusier, Alto, FLW, Kahn • His innovative concrete construction was influenced by early Japanese carpentry traditions • 1995 won Pritzker Prize for Church of the Light

  4. Church of the Light • Social: His use of materials accommodated the town of Osaka’s economical restraints • Scientific: With the advent of “Ando Concrete” which was much more dense, enabled less material to be used and it efficiently carried the same loads • Symbolic: His minimalist approach to architecture creates a kind of purity and elegance in which light and darkness guides the viewer, and is able to evoke emotions

  5. Candela’s Church of San Jose Obrero • Social: Through his discovery of the hyperbolic paraoboloid he efficiently reused the shell forms in which they required a small amount of material • Scientific: A HP’s symmetry makes it possible for a more simplified behavior within the structure, and in turn, allows the loads to act more efficiently • Symbolic: These shells were formed using straight lines, in turn making the construction of the wooden forms easy, “the result consists of elegantly curved forms that can be quite sensuous”

  6. Ando versus Candela AndoCandela -Surface quality -complexity of form -structure one can - mathematics to create w/material create form vs.. at simplest form experimentation -Allowing light to - Taking thinness reveal the true to new limits structure and encompassed his experience concept for structures

  7. “I hoped this project would raise an issue against the current tendency. I tried to see to what extent an affluent space could be created with the minimum budget in an era flooded with goods and materials.”