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systemic interventions n.
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Systemic Intercessions

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Systemic Intercessions

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  1. Systemic Interventions Family Counseling Theory and Practice

  2. Premises of Family Therapy • Family therapy is viewed as an analogueof normal family development. • The therapeutic task is to help the family move from one stage of family development to a new stage where members' developmental needs are met. • The therapist joins the family by entering into their reality and becoming involved in the repeated interactions among family members that form the family's structure.

  3. Premises for Family Therapy (2) • The therapist expands the family's range by challenging family rules, fostering boundary reorganization, prompting conflict resolution, supporting greater individuation of family members, and co-creating alternative realities. • The therapist monitors change processes and helps family members integrate emerging patterns into more stable levels of functioning.

  4. Knowing the Family • The therapist accommodatesto the family and begins to know the family experientially; • Tracks content and learns about the family issues; • Conducts experiments through probes and challenges to assess the flexibility of family patterns; and • Abstracts from the "data" a model of the family's structure and patterns of interaction.

  5. Joining Imparting a Systemic View Making Rules Known Making Relationships/Structure Known Enactment Circular questioning Unbalancing Triangulation/Detriangulation Boundary-making Basic Techniques

  6. Second Order Techniques • Reframing • Relabeling • Paradoxical Techniques • Restraining • Prescribing the symptom

  7. Additional Techniques • Search for Strengths • Storytelling • Family-of-Origin Voyages • Genograms • Communication of feelings • Others

  8. Therapist Awareness • Your Role/Position/Function in the Family • Your Family of Origin Issues • Generally • Unresolved • Cultural Factors (yours and theirs) • Other Systems