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nerc reliability functional model l.
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NERC Unwavering quality Utilitarian Model PowerPoint Presentation
NERC Unwavering quality Utilitarian Model

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NERC Unwavering quality Utilitarian Model

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  1. NERC Reliability Functional Model Conference on Electric System Reliability December 1, 2003

  2. The Control Area

  3. Interchange Transmission Service Buy and Sell Own Implement Operate Wheel The Control Area: Vertically Integrated Transmission Reliability Load-Resource Balance Generation Supply Load

  4. Generator Transmission Owner Transmission Operator Distribution Provider Load-serving Entity Unbundled

  5. What do we do now? • The Control Area is no longer the only operating organization • NERC Operating Policiesdo not reflect the neworganizations ormerchant functions thatare forming • Need to define the basicfunctions and “roll up”into organizations • Traditional utilities • ISOs • RTOs Roll Up • Reliability • Balancing • Interchange • Transmission

  6. PSE IA RA TSP The Functional Model • List every reliability task we could think of Development Group into Functions • Assign to Responsible Entities • Invent new names as needed • Set up relationships

  7. Considerations • The Model accommodates the industry’s changes – does not cause or recommend change • Designed to accommodate traditional, vertically integrated control areas • …and RTOs • …and ISOs • Framework for NERC’s reliability standards • Does not depend on market structure or even whether a market exists

  8. Guiding Principles • Model defines functions as sets of tasks • Organizations register as responsible entities • Organizations must be certified to perform certain functions • Operating Reliability, Balancing, Transmission Operations, Interchange • May delegate tasks but not responsibilities • Some tasks will not result in standards

  9. Functional Model Version 2

  10. Putting it all Together Functional Model Reliability Standards Defines functions as tasks Defines responsibleentity relationships Defines satisfactory task performance Defines ability to perform tasks Organization Registration & Certification Regional Reliability Plans Designates which organizations are Reliability Authorities and Balancing Authorities Certifies organizations as responsible entities

  11. “Roll up” Examples

  12. “Roll up” Examples

  13. “Roll up” Examples

  14. “Roll up” Examples

  15. “Roll up” Examples

  16. “Roll up” Examples

  17. Questions?