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gang prevention l.
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Group Anticipation

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Group Anticipation

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  1. Gang Prevention

  2. Killed by Bloods Intended for Rival Gang Doing homework with younger sister Extreme but too common of a story Do you think this is cool?

  3. 5 times more likely to end up in prison Neighborhoods with gangs have 6 times more crime Girls may be required to have sex with many gang members Many go to prison for just being involved with the crime Gang Facts

  4. Many become addicted to drugs Females are often disrespected/not leaders Do worse in school/many dropout 10% of criminals/55% of the crimes Gang Facts

  5. Many who sell drugs spend long time in prison Neighborhoods with gangs have 6 times more innocent victims of murder Some gang members have raped women in retaliation Only a few adults usually make a lot of money/others have to take big chances Gang Facts

  6. 5 times more likely to be a victim of violent crimes Sometimes recruit young girls to become prostitutes By age 30, 94% wish they would have never joined a gang Gang Facts

  7. Insert top 3 reasons Insert top 3 reasons Insert top 3 reasons What do you think are the top 3 reasons not to join a gang?

  8. Have a gang question for the officer?

  9. Are gangs cool? Top 3 reasons Gang Facts Officer Info Review