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Restorative Store Corps NATIONAL Initiative and Preparing Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
Restorative Store Corps NATIONAL Initiative and Preparing Meeting

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Restorative Store Corps NATIONAL Initiative and Preparing Meeting

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  1. Medical Reserve Corps NATIONAL LEADERSHIP & TRAINING CONFERENCE 18 – 21 April 2006 Dallas, Texas TEXAS MEDICAL RANGERS Brigadier General Marshall H. Scantlin

  2. The Texas Medical Rangers TEXAS STATE GUARD Uniformed Medical Reserve Corps

  3. Texas Army National Guard Texas Air National Guard Texas State Guard The Texas Medical Rangers Texas Military Forces

  4. “Role of Texas State Guard expanding. Once thought of as mostly ceremonial, units now have a military mission.” • (Austin American-Statesman / August 21, 2004) • “Texas State Guard emerging from obscurity.” • (San Antonio Express-News / October 8, 2004)

  5. The Texas Medical Rangers In January 2003 Governor Perry directed TAG to establish the TXSG MRC because of 9-11-01 attack on the World Trade Center TXSG MRC “stood up” March 2003 CG – MG Harold Timboe, MD


  7. The Texas Medical Rangers SOUTH COMMAND TXSG MRC Commander NORTH COMMAND COL Chuck Bauer BG Marshall H. Scantlin COL Jim Greenstone San Antonio Med Response Group Houston Med Response Group Temple Med Response Group DFW Med Response Group Tyler Med Response Group Lubbock Med Response Group

  8. TXSG MRC MISSION To serve the people of Texas by providing volunteer medical expertise of the highest reputation and health service in support of public health emergencies, disasters, and other situations at the call of the Governor.

  9. TXSG MRC Not subject to authority of the President…. Available for missions throughout Texas…. Most volunteer organizations are local…. TXSG MRC can support locally, regionally, or statewide…. Subject to the authority of the Governor.

  10. Texas A & M University Texas Tech University University of Texas University of North Texas NPA - Nursing Program Affiliates State-Sponsored Medical Schools & Health Science Centers TAMU NPA - Canyon TT Schools of Allied Health, Medicine, Pharmacy - Amarillo TT Health Care Systems, Correctional Healthcare, Border Health, Vietnam Center, Medical Projects - Lubbock UT Southwestern Medical Center - Dallas TAMU NPA Texarkana UT Health Center Tyler TT Health Science Center - El Paso UNT Health Science Centers Dallas & Fort Worth TAMU NPA - Stephenville TAMU NPA Prairie View UT Health Science Center; UT MD Anderson - Houston TT Schools of Allied Health, Nursing, & Medicine - Odessa TAMU College of Medicine Temple TAMU Inst. Of Bios. & Tech. - Houston UT Health Science Center - San Antonio (Test Site) UT Medical Branch Galveston TAMU NPA; Coastal Bend Health Educational Center Corpus Christi TAMU - Coastal Bend Health Educ. Centers Corpus Christi & Kingsville TAMU Col. of Med.; Grad. Schl. Biomed. Sci.; Inst. of Bios. & Tech.; School of Rural Pub. Hlth. Col. Vet. Med. College Station TAMU International Univ. NPA - Laredo UT Reg. Academic Health Ctr. Med. Div.; UTHSCSA Harlingen TAMU School of Rural Public Health McAllen

  11. Wichita Falls Amarillo Lubbock DFW El Paso Tyler Killeen Waco Odessa/Midland College Station Temple Fredericksburg Austin Houston Galveston San Antonio Victoria Headquarters Corpus Christi Laredo Lower Rio Grande Valley Groups Companies TXSG MRC Groups and Companies

  12. TXSG MRC Operational Training, Capabilities, and Missions Written into response plans at local, regional, and state level Participation in local, regional, and state exercises Active medical group training Participate in appropriate community events

  13. TXSG MRC Operational Training, Capabilities, and Missions Operation Lone Star • Medical treatment for the under-served population of the Rio Grande Valley…. • Joint medical force of the Texas Military Forces • 6000 to 8000 patients seen over 2 week period.

  14. OPERATION LONE STAR TMR Responded… Deployed… Served… Successfully… Effectively… With Honor !!

  15. On the first day, 200+ patients, 40% uninsured, were served at Rio Grande City …. For some, these are the only physicians they will ever see in their entire life.

  16. The children we served made it well worthwhile …

  17. LTC James Jorrie, OIC (left) of the Rio Grande City Operation, discusses the status of the operation with Major General Timboe and LTC Fernandez…The General visited each of the sites participating in OLS.

  18. Operation GETBR The Great East Texas Balloon Race

  19. MAJ Bentley and MAJ Brooks quickly planned and implemented TMR’s response to support the TXSG 19th Brigade at the Great East Texas Balloon Race in Longview, Texas. Plans and logistics were achieved within 7 days, resulting in a seamless joint operation.

  20. Thousands of spectators attended the Great East Texas Balloon Race and related events. The traditional “balloon glow” highlighted the event. The afternoon heat intensified toward sunset and the 19th Brigade and Rangers increased surveillance, assisting overheated folks and soldiers. BEFORE ... ... AFTER

  21. As the glow got underway, the Rangers and the 19th Brigade conducted a systematic search for a missing 9-year old girl… thanks to a quick thinking 19th MP, the band interrupted the concert and asked for assistance… the girl was found in seconds.