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  1. Tasking • Know our WAR STOPPERS • Know the WEAPON SYSTEMS Affected • Know When We Will RUN OUT OF STOCK • Base SUSTAINMENT DECISIONS

  2. ICIS - The Objective Continuously Assess DLA's Ability to Meet Service Consumable Item Support Requirements During Major Theater War and Other High Demand Scenarios. Planning Conferences Ao Model Sustainment Planning Combatant Commander ICIS Model Logistics Planning Agencies Service Planners DLA PREVENT EXECUTION SURPRISES

  3. ICIS The Process • Scenario Analysis within 4 hours • Coverage of all DLA Commodities • Resident on GCSS • Interact with Service Models • User of Shared Data Service Inputs OPLAN TPFDDs * OPTEMPOs Time Phased Demand on DLA Service Ao Models Personnel Planning Factors Sustainment Metrics COMPARE MEI Information Critical Item Info DLA Asset Position/Location Failure Factors Problem Areas Identified Consumption Factors * Or Force Deployment Module

  4. Status • Full Operational Capability for: • Bulk Fuel • Subsistence • Fuels Deployment Modeling • Chemical Warfare Defense Equipment • In Redevelopment • Critical Repair Parts • Component Repair Parts • New Development • Class II

  5. Real World Uses • ICIS Used To Generate Fuel Requirements For Desert Fox • ICIS Asked to Come To USAFE At Day 60 To Provide Fuel Requirements Support For Kosovo • Used By DESC & DLA In Support Of Current War On Terrorism • Used In Subsistence and Industrial Base Planning • Used in support of OIF

  6. ICIS Version 5.0 • Oracle Based System • Standard And Adhoc Reports • Faster Processing • More Electronic Linkage To Data Sources • Interoperability With GCSS/DII-COE • Provide Capability To Edit/Change: - Major End Item OPTEMPOs - Composition Of Units - Meal Plans • Ability To Move Troops

  7. Summary • ICIS Currently in use by Combatant Commanders, Services, DLA • Used in “Real World” and Exercise Scenarios • Reengineering ICIS to Make ICIS Better • More User Friendly • More Feedback • Establish IPT with the Centers • Class IX Expansion • Exploring Ties to other DoD Systems

  8. ICIS Points of Contact Program Manager: Mr. James Boyce, DSN 427-1079/703-767-1079 james.boyce@dla.mil Ed Pitt, DSN 427-1640/703-767-1640 Edward.Pitt@dla.mil Ray Borkowski, DSN 427-5259/703-767-5259 ray.borkowski@dla.mil FAX 427-1516/703-767-1516