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  1. Final Presentation Video Overlay Advanced Computer Integrated Surgery (600.446) Jeff Hsin, Cyrus Moon, Anand Viswanathan

  2. Overview of Video Overlay Video Overlay: The ability to accurately superimpose computer generated images onto related objects in real-time video.

  3. Software Flow Chart Jeff Camera Input Video Software Tracker Input Network Software Tracking Software Graphics Software Overlay Image Anand Anand Cyrus

  4. Final Plan OriginalUpdatedCurrent • Tracker code: • testing3/18 3/18  • Networking Code: • testing 3/18-25 4/13* 5/6* • Graphics Code: • diagram frames & transformations3/11 3/11  • framework 3/25 3/25  • primitive tracking/rendering: 3/25 4/15* 4/15* • tool object creation3/25 3/25  • tool calibration-- 4/?  • video input -- 4/15* 5/10* • camera calibration -- ? 5/6* • working video overlay system 4/7 4/22* 5/10** Blue – Completed * – Changed Date ** – Twice Changed Date

  5. Results/Work Accomplished • Functional and tested Optotracker class • Working network software (UDP transportation of frame data) • Functional and tested vqs class • Working graphics framework • Integrated Tracking/Video/Graphics software • Working pointer/camera calibration software • Functional Video Overlay System

  6. Coordinate Graph (Video Overlay) World (Tracker) Camera Patient markers Lens Model (from Imaging) . . . . . . . . Tool 1 Tool k Screen *Dynamic Transforms (determined by Optotrak)

  7. Possible Improvements(Remaining Work to be Done) • Network Code: • Client/Server Model of OptoTracker class • fix remaining bugs of CIS Libraries (CISNetwork) • Usage of multithreading • or: Robust network code--using CORBA instead • Improved Pointer Calibration Program • Fully tested/debugged Camera Calibration Code • Curve Rendering Function • Registration Program • More Debugging and Quality Testing • Video Distortion Correction

  8. Significance of Work • Use of video overlay would make some surgeries more accurate and consistent. • Video overlay could be integrated into a broad range of surgical procedures • Code from this project could be used as basic frameworks for future projects in the ERC involving the OptoTrak, Video Input, Networking, and/or GLVU. • Code could be modified/appended to work with Image Overlay. • Aid in debugging of CIS Libraries has made them more robust, functional

  9. Problems Encountered • Figuring out other people’s code: • Lack of good documentation • Compiling/Linking problems • includes, libraries, dependencies • Code Integration (incompatibilities) • Networking: SPREADCORBATCPUDP • CC and g++ • Optotracker problems?—Anand needs to remember 

  10. What We have Learned • Issues associated with large scale code development • manipulation/use of large amounts of code is difficult; Integrating them is even harder • Optotrak API,CIS Libraries, VL libraries, glvu libraries • compilation/compatibility issues • CORBA and CIS libraries • different compilers do different things (CC and g++ don’t mix) • what a makefile is (finally!) • .dll vs. .lib creation

  11. What We Have Learned (cont’d) Always Check on dependencies Organization = efficiency, less wasted time/stress Know what to do / when to do it ‘If you don’t write it down, it never happened’ One can never have too many backup plans The skeleton in the ERC is real "You Morons!“ -- Randy G. (to team Video Overlay & co.)

  12. What we would have done differently • Better planning/research earlier on in the project • Bugged advisors earlier/gotten help as soon as possible • Setting of smaller, daily/weekly goals • More organization Cyrus punching paper towels 

  13. Special Thanks to : • Advisors: -Dr. Taylor -Dr. Cohen • ERC people: -Anton Deguet -Dr. Rajesh Kumar -Andy Bzostek -Sadi Yigit -Adam Morris -rest of the ERC Staff for moral support • Jeff Lee - Beta Tester for OptoTracker class