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  1. OPERATIONAL CENTERS February 18, 2005

  2. Opportunities to consolidate unique or scarce resources for synergy and leveraging Background Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Direction to IPT… Evaluate the “Operational Performance Centers of Excellence” concept---defined as consolidated DCMA entities responsible for well-defined support or transaction-based activities. This team will exclusively evaluate Centers responsible for operational activities. Focus on becoming more effective, i.e., optimizing our impact on customer outcomes. Quality attributes, measures of effectiveness, will vary by each customers’ outcomes but might include accuracy, predictiveness, responsiveness, consistency, etc.

  3. Operational Centers IPT recommended and SLT concurred with aligning the following functions in Operational Centers… Transportation CPSR Terminations Small Business Financial Analysis NSEP Plant Clearance Contract Safety View IPT Recommended Organizational Structures Note: Transition Planning Teams are reviewing these and changes are possible.

  4. Varies to some degree by individual Center Impact on Customer Outcomes IPT found that Centers could generally increase our Effectiveness in impacting Customer Outcomes through… • Increased Skills • Surge Capability • Technical Supervision • Single Focus • Responsiveness • One Face to Customer • Consistency • Efficiency e.g., “Skills” benefit may be most evident in Financial Analysis Center

  5. Other IPT Findings/Comments • Centers are virtual---Few (if any) employees will relocate • Most work (except NSEP) need not be performed at specific locations so Center employees and future hires should benefit from duty station flexibility. • Benefits Agency also by expanding pool of candidates for future recruitment • Staff/Policy responsibilities will not be included in an Operational Center • Center Director/Management positions will be competitive to maximum extent practical. • Operational Centers provide a career path for employees that want to remain in a specific functional field.

  6. IPT Rec’d Implementation Dates Transportation Apr 05 CPSR Apr 05 Terminations Apr 05 Small Business Jun 05 Financial Analysis Jun 05 NSEP Oct 05 Plant Clearance Oct 05 Contract Safety Oct 05 Note: Dates shown are as briefed to Senior Leaders in November 2004. Expect some dates to slip. Transition Planning Teams are working on detailed milestone schedules.

  7. Center Alignment Transportation DCMAE CPSR DCMAE Terminations DCMAE Small Business DCMA-OCA Financial Analysis DCMA-OCT Plant Clearance DCMAW Contract Safety DCMAW NSEP TBD as part of the Industrial Analysis Center NSEP may become a CMO vice a Center.

  8. Implementation Status • Transition Planning Teams (comprised of HQ/District/CMO reps) formed for each of the Eight Operational Centers • Teams currently developing milestones for: • finalizing the Centers’ Org structures, • reviewing required Policy/Process Changes, • preparing a Functional Automated Systems inventory, • identifying Center Personnel, • Developing Funding Requirements, and • Drafting Position Descriptions • Next Update to SLT is March 24th.

  9. Communication We have developed a CoP in order to provide a forum for ideas, questions, and concerns. It’s open to all---simply self-enroll. Course Title: Operational Centers Course ID: AA1-OCB-5 Information has also been posted in some established CoPs, e.g., the Small Business CoP.

  10. IPT Recommended Organizational Charts

  11. 10 Org Charts– Continue viewing or click green button to return to presentation. Transportation “Virtual” Structure 5 LOCATIONS 23 FTEs + SUPV 5 LOCATIONS 24 FTEs + SUPV 6 LOCATIONS 24 FTEs + SUPV TPC Director 6 LOCATIONS 24 FTEs + SUPV 3 LOCATIONS 18 FTEs + SUPV Employees dispersed within 5 Sectors

  12. Locations based on current Locations Proposed Organizational Structure Transportation Center Director will report to DCMAE-D About 27 employees per Sector

  13. CPSR Center Director Dallas Atlanta St. Pete (3) (4) Duty Stations Baltimore St. Louis (1) (2) Boston Phoenix (3) (1) N.Y. Northern California (1) (1) Virginia Van Nuys (1) (2) Proposed Organization Structure CPSR Center Director reports to the DCMAE-D Locations based on Current CPSR Analysts’ Permanent Duty Stations. (Also corresponds well with where most reviews take place.)

  14. Term. Support Offices (TSOs) headed by “Working” Team Leaders. Proposed Organizational Structure Terminations Center Director reports to DCMAE-D Locations based on current Locations (average 4-5 folks per TSO)

  15. Center Director is the Agency’s Small Business Director Proposed Organization Structure Small Business

  16. Executive Director Contract Management Operations (DCMA-OC) Small & Disadvantaged Business Division (DCMA-OCA) Contract Business Operations Division (DCMA-OCB) Contract Technical Operations Division (DCMA-OCT) Contract Closeout Center (DCMAC-M) Defense Acquisition Regulations Council (DCMA-OCD) Industrial Analysis Center (DCMAC-S) Contractor Insurance & Pension Center (DCMAC-E) Supplier Operations Division (DCMA-OCS) Financial Analysis Center Financial Analysis Proposed Organization Structure Center Director reports to the Industrial Analysis Center. All positions will be competed with flexibility in duty station.

  17. NSEP Proposed Organization Structure Center alignment TBD. This may become a CMO vice a Center.

  18. Plant Clearance Proposed Organization Structure Center Director reports to the DCMAW-D

  19. Plant Clearance Center and Sector Hub locations Sector 1 DCMA Boeing LB DCMA LM Sunnyvale DCMA NG El Segundo DCMA San Diego DCMA Northern California DCMA Santa Ana DCMA Los Angeles DCMA Seattle Sector 2 DCMA Chicago DCMA Dallas DCMA NG Denver DCMA Raytheon-Tucson DCMA Phoenix DCMA San Antonio-Michoud Sector 3 DCMA Boston DCMA Hartford DCMA Long Island DCMA Maryland DCMA Philadelphia DCMA Springfield DCMA Syracuse Sector 4 DCMA Atlanta DCMA Orlando DCMA Dayton DCMA Detroit DCMA Virginia DCMA Twin Cities

  20. Locations based on current Locations Proposed Organizational Structure Contract Safety Center Director will report to DCMAW-D 19 employees per Sector End of Org Charts Return to Presentation