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The BC Provincial Nominee Program PowerPoint Presentation
The BC Provincial Nominee Program

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The BC Provincial Nominee Program

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  1. The BC Provincial Nominee Program Prepared for the BC Biotech Industry Roundtable June 1, 2006 Economic Immigration Programs Ministry of Economic Development

  2. What is the BC PNP? • Special program under BC – Canada immigration agreement to expedite entry of economic immigrants for permanent residence • Allows BC to choose immigrants to meet its economic & labour market needs • Administered by Ministry of Economic Development in partnership with Citizenship & Immigration Canada

  3. Program Components • Business • Attract entrepreneurs to establish businesses & invest in BC • Strategic Occupations • Help BC employers recruit & retain highly qualified foreign workers

  4. Strategic Occupations Categories • Skilled Workers Managers, professionals, technicians & trades • Public Sector Health Professionals Physicians & RNs recruited by health authorities • International Graduates Foreign grads with BC degrees

  5. Strategic Occupations Criteria • Recruitment of foreign worker a) meets key skill needs & b) has economic benefits to BC • Job offered is permanent, full-time • Pay & benefits meet industry norms • Candidate meets employment requirements • Candidate is likely to settle successfully in BC • Employer’s track record/prospects positive

  6. International Graduates • Must have completed undergrad/grad degree conferred by a recognized BC institution • Priority fields: Health Sciences, Natural & Applied Sciences, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Digital Media, & Business • Application must be submitted within 1 year of completion of studies • Must have an offer of permanent, full-time employment in a skilled occupation

  7. What’s the Process? • Employer recruits foreign worker • Employer & candidate submit application jointly to BC PNP • BC PNP reviews application (4 – 6 weeks) • Nominee applies to CIC for permanent resident visa (work permit can be issued for temporary employment/entry) • CIC conducts medical, security & criminal background checks/ issues visa (8 – 10 months)

  8. Where to Get More Info Phone 604.775.2215 Fax 604.660-4092 Email Web