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fiscal year end cutoff dates l.
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Financial Year End Cutoff Dates PowerPoint Presentation
Financial Year End Cutoff Dates

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Financial Year End Cutoff Dates

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  1. Fiscal Year End Cutoff Dates • Auto Bills • Purchasing Card • Cash • Claims • Accruals • Journal Entries and Corrections • Miscellaneous

  2. Auto Bills Cutoff Dates • June 13 1st Auto bills cutoff • June 16 1st Auto bills to UBS • June 20 1st Auto bills in Banner • June 30 2nd Auto bills cutoff • July 2 2nd Auto bills to UBS • July 7 2nd Auto bills to Banner • 2nd Auto bills for outside customers will post in FY09, you may accrue the revenue for outside customers if you need to show the revenue in FY08 • Remember xfeeds require overnight processing

  3. Purchasing Card Cutoff Dates • June 23 1st P Card Cutoff • June 21 is Saturday • June 25 Feed to Banner Finance Since the last feed will come on the 25th you will only have until 5 PM on the 25th for adjustments. Remember everything must be moved out of 62886. Cash positive date is the 27th. • June 30 2nd P Card Cutoff • July 7 Feed to Banner Finance

  4. Cash Cutoff Dates June 27 and June 30 • June 27 Cash Positive-all funds must have positive cash • June 30 Cash Cutoff for Cash Receipts • 10:00 Credit Card deposits to cashiers • 11:00 All cash receipts to cashiers • Please be sure someone is available to answer questions June 23 through July 11.

  5. Claims • June 20 Warrant Cancellations due in UBS • June 23 All departmental petty cash reimbursement requests due • June 30 5:00PM Final FY 08 claims from departments due to Central Offices • July 11 All FY 08 claims data entered into Banner • July 11 Last day to initiate IUJ’s • July 14 Begin to process FY 09 Claims

  6. Accruals • July 3 5:00 PM Accruals due from departments to UBS • Accruals for amounts over $5,000 are required for all funds • Generally, accruals under $100.00 will not be processed. • July 14 Final Accruals in Banner

  7. Journal entries andCorrections • June 16 Salary Correction Memos to Payroll • June 16 Correction Memos due to UBS • (If airline tickets paid by Pcard are for travel in FY09, expenditure correction form needed to move it to FY09) • July 7 All JD1 and JG1 Journal Entries in Banner (Be sure date is June 30, 2008 when you do the data entry in Banner) • July 10 July Payroll posts—two days (Friday & Monday) for any corrections

  8. Miscellaneous • June 27 All Cash balances POSITIVE • June 25 Last check run for June. BPA’s data entered after this date, will be in Banner, but not mailed until July 1. • July 10 Inventories Due