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Utilizing Describing Words

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Utilizing Describing Words

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  1. Using Describing Words By Mrs. Hicks

  2. Why use describing words? • Describing words make your writing more interesting. Sally rode her bike. Sally slowly rode her new red bike.

  3. Kinds of describing words • Adjectives describe nouns. • They tell: • How many • What color • What size • & lots more She had four cookies. I see a yellow balloon. That is a huge bear. What an amazing circus!

  4. Kinds of describing words • Adverbs describe verbs. • They tell how something is done. • Often adverbs end in –ly. Bobby rode his bike home. Bobby quickly rode his bike home.

  5. Betty’s Adventure • Betty went to the zoo with her family. While they were there a monkey escaped! The monkey jumped on Betty’s back. Shewalked over and let the zookeeper take the monkey back to its cage.

  6. That was a good story but… • Let’s look at this same story with adjectives and adverbs added.

  7. Betty’s Great Adventure • Betty went to the world famous zoo with her whole family. While they were there a smart little monkey cleverly escaped! The monkey quickly jumped on Betty’s small back. She slowly walked over and let the relieved zookeeper carefully take the smart little monkey back to its comfortable cage.

  8. Describing words are great! • Next time you write in Writer’s Workshop, use describing words to improve your story. • When you revise your writing always try to add: • 2 adjectives • 2 adverbs