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akiak a tale from the iditarod l.
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Akiak A Tale from the Iditarod PowerPoint Presentation
Akiak A Tale from the Iditarod

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Akiak A Tale from the Iditarod

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  1. Akiak A Tale from the Iditarod By: Robert Blake Presented by: Sharon Coffield

  2. Characters • Akiak-Main • Mick • Other dogs on the teams • Willy Ketchum

  3. Setting • Alaska • Anchorage to Nome

  4. Main Idea • Akiak is the lead dog in the Iditarod race and is injured. He was hurt and was left behind to get better. He came back to finish the race with his team.

  5. Problem • The problem is when Akiak hurts his paw and has to be left behind to get better.

  6. Solution • Akiak did not want to be left behind so he found his way out of the vet. He ran past all the men and then joined his team again to finish the race.

  7. Reflection/Meaning of the Story • I think the meaning of the story is that you should never give up and finish what you start. Akiak showed this in the story by coming back when he was hurt to finish the race. When I was playing basketball I fell and “ate it” in front of everyone. I was SO embarrassed but, I got back up and kept playing until the quarter was over. I felt great after the game was over that I finished what I started!

  8. Comprehension Questions • 1. Why did Akiak have to be left behind? • 2. Why do you think a man opened the door for Akiak? Would you have done the same thing? • 3. When Akiak found Mick and the team why did she ride in the sled?

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