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The History Importance of Photography

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The History Importance of Photography

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  1. The History & Importance of Photography Morgan Borowski Graduation Project

  2. "'Photography is all about secrets,' David said. ... 'The secrets we all have and will never tell.'" -The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

  3. History of Photography In Latin, To be in camera means to be in secret.

  4. The History Dates Far Back…

  5. The History Dates Far Back…

  6. Cameras • Types • Camera Obscura – First practical one built in 1685 by Johann Zahn, though being able to take a picture with such a camera had to wait until 150 years later. • Development processes- Wet plate, Dry Plate, and Daguerreotype • Film Camera – First developed by George Eastman in 1900. This camera took place of the old development types. • 35mm Camera– 35mm cine film was used for compact still cameras. Roll film was still preferred because it was inexpensive.

  7. Cameras • Types • TLRs & SLRs – Twin-lens reflex and Single-lens reflex. TLRs became popular in both high-end and low-end cameras. SLRs began to use roll film and eventually 35mm film. • Instant Camera – Produced instant photographs. Used a patented chemical process to develop photos in under a minute. • Digital Camera – The first one mass produced for consumer use was by Apple, and was named QuickTake 100 Camera. 1994.

  8. Black & White

  9. Black & White

  10. Black & White

  11. Black & White

  12. Black & White

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  17. Alfred Eisenstaedt was named photojournalist of the 20th century by LIFE Magazine. Photographed for seventy years – from when he was twenty years old to when he died at the age of 90 in 1995. Met and became friends with many famous people such as Marilyn Monroe, Caroline Kennedy, and Sophia Loren. Photography as a Career

  18. Alfred Eisenstaedt Photography

  19. Ansel Adams took breath-taking photos – He preferred to shoot scenes in nature in black & white. He took his first picture in 1916 with his very first camera. He continued to take pictures until he passed away in 1984. Was also a concert pianist, and taught himself to play the piano. Photography as an Art Form

  20. Ansel Adams Photography

  21. Importance • Photography has served many purposes over the years, and continues to serve us today. • Memories • Documentation • Artistry • Hobby

  22. Importance • Memories • Photos help remind people of past time. • Photos capture the raw emotion on a person’s face. • Weddings, birthday parties, vacations, and so much more can be remembered for years after.

  23. Importance • Documentation • Photojournalists use photography to accompany an article, or just let the picture speak for itself. • Crime scenes

  24. Importance • Artistry • Artists express themselves through photography. • Expressive, abstract, portraiture, and other types are all appreciated by the public. • A picture really does say a thousand words.

  25. Importance • Hobby • Amateur photographers capture the motions of everyday. • Taking a good photo can make one feel good. • A form of expression, like painting.

  26. Conclusion Photography has been around for centuries, and continues to serve the people of the world today. It takes on many forms to better suit the people using it. Photos bring to life what was once forgotten. Photography will be around for many more years because it reminds people, it captures beauty and emotion, and serves as an art form for many people.