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Today you will:

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  1. Today you will: • think about criteria for judging a website • understand that an effective website will match the needs and interests of users • use software to create a web page

  2. The task: • create a web page • give it a title • add links • add pictures

  3. HTML: Hypertext Markup LanguagePull down View, then Source, to see the HTML code. Slide 3

  4. Basic page <body> </body> Search engines <html> </html>

  5. Basic page <html> <body> <h1>Search engines</h1> </body> </html> The <h1> tag sets text as a heading in style 1. Valid tags are <h1>; <h2>; <h3>; <h4>; <h5>; <h6>. What effect does changing the number have?

  6. Basic page <html> <body> <h1>Search engines</h1> Yahoo<br> Excite<br> Google<br> </body> </html> <br> creates a line break <p> and </p> can be used to begin and end a paragraph

  7. Adding hyperlinks <html> <body> <h1>Search engines</h1> <a href="">Yahoo</a><br> <a href="">Excite</a><br> <a href="">Google</a><br> </body> </html> The URL of a hyperlink must be enclosed in quotation marks

  8. Adding the title The title is not the same as the page heading <html> <head> <title>Information on search engines</title> </head> <body> <h1>Search engines</h1> <a href="">Yahoo</a><br> <a href="">Excite</a><br> <a href="">Google</a><br> </body> </html>

  9. Creating the HTML file • The text file can be created in a simple text editor such as Notepad. • The file name must have .htm at the end to indicate that it is a web page. • The file contains instructions to the web browser that describe how the page should look.

  10. Judging a website • Is the information relevant to the users? • Is it clear, up-to-date, accurate and unbiased? • Do the images enhance, not distract? Are they meaningful? Is the font size suitable? • Is the site easy to use and to navigate?